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100€+ game question

| As a nostalgic fan of Lego Racers series i'm looking forward for it but price tags mindfucked me..


60€ - standart pricing sure..
100€ - probably best kind of edition right?
120€ - oops i was wrong, what is this wtf?

I'm maybe wrong, but i never heared about game what did get beyond 100€ price tag honestly, if i'm wrong let me know, i would be curious to know any if did get any on 101€ or more

| Wild to me that they didn't make a quick summary of what the different editions give you right there on top.

Apparently 100€ gives you season's pass, while another extra 20€ gives you... some bonus items, I guess?

Even with my regional pricing applied, these price are insane enough that I won't even look at what the game is about.

| Also, ahaha, you must have missed the whole debacle with Forspoken. I don't know what the price is in your region but it's so high it looks like a joke in mine.


| >>948343 wtf? The base game is like $90?

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This thread is permanently archived