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backlog management

| hi
so, like any other person with access to steam sales and other stuff like that i kinda arrived at the point where sometimes it's kinda difficult to choose what to play? or i forget about what i have already and follow a new shiny thing
thought that doing some good old spreadsheet work would be nice to have a quick reference for the future
but i still need ideas
how do you g/u/rls like to deal with that? google docs or other sites/databases (like vndb or howlongtobeat)

| >>948262 also, if you do your own work (or use notion for that instead of excel/google) how do you like to categorise?

| >>948262 as a person with excel phobia and anything what remind work i can recommend you these things

1. if you don't plan to play anything anymore, hide it in your library. If you will want to return it, you can unhide it anytime. (this is my life hack how i solved 2/3)

| 2. play anything what you want at the moment. It's nothing wrong to not finish game. You don't enjoy it? drop it, and hide it. Is game hard and frustratting? watch gameplay instead. or is there mod what can improve your experience?
3. you want try something new and have small little idea? use steam search filter tags, it can help you to shrink your library from thousands to few tens.

| I've been using backloggery.com for ages. There's a tool to grab a random game either from your entire collection, or filtered to only what you've set as playing or from specific consoles.

I think more people nowadays use howlongtobeat.com but I still like Backloggery's simplicity.

| passion for gaming is truly dead eh?

| >>948341 naw, more like choice paralysis kicking my sorry ass

| >>948328 yeah the hide function helps a lot with 100%ed titles and sequels that come with getting games in bundles that you won't get around to trying for a while

| >>948329
2.the problem is more of "i want to play but not sure what" and "I've been watching letsplays for too long gotta try something myself"
3.steam tags sometimes make some bizarre genre choices but i see what you mean
thanks a lot!

| >>948340 I'll try that one out, thank you!

| >>948384 yes, honestly this is helped me personally the most.. (i have library with over 3.5k games + all f2p games from before Q2-Q3 of 2022) so i'm getting over 8k items and it's somehow scary xd i did get on 4537 now.. it's not best, but i have over 5.6k things hidden.. i think that backlog is not objective but subjective problem and about set of priorities..

| i made some math and there is no way to have 100% of everything, collect everything, have 100% achievements etc.. and there exists games what aren't even fun anymore.. like.. are you really wanting to play fps from 90s, play generic shot'em'up etc? you will after time notice that there are genres what you don't like, stories what you don't like totally etc.. but you can sure try them! but after minutes you will probably just say nah.. or ohh it's pretty fun!

| i did played by this way also games what i didn't thought that i would enjoy, or games what i thought that will be fun but sadly they was dissapointing.. i once hided cs 1.6 because i thought i won't play it anymore.. i did return it 2 weeks back because i wanted to.. i played it for 8 hours, and at end realised that i just don't enjoy it anymore and returned back to c:go instead

| hided game is from 90%-99%+ probably game what you won't return it, but anytime you can unhide it. but for sure i recommend to try it before hiding it and make few thoughts

| >>948385 i experience it too.. if it's calm you, by smaller number it will be easier.. i can recommend you to try rest for few minutes.. think about what kind of experiences you love or want to feel.. or you can try just "hop in wonderland" and pick totally random game from your library! random choice is not bad if you really want to play something and you have 0 idea ^^

| if you will realise that game is not fun.. than think about.. is this game really that bad? or i want play something else? what i want to play? anytime you can make second choice and return it later.. or drop it probably forever and throw it in hiden library bin. Also there is no bad play one game a lot like cs:go, destiny 2, apex or anything.. you can just enjoy it, and than have wonderland when you don't want play your main game..

| about let's players is nothing wrong if you are enjoying it. i can admit that i watched gameplay of Outlast and i did throw it in hiden bin xd or i played just some parts from condition zero for example where i loved asian maps, european and south america.. but not totally american, middle east, russian etc. maps.. it's just preference as if you want play with wheel, dancing pad or potato controller.. you really should have play only what you enjoy ^^

| >>948385 3. steam tags are just way how to make choice easier.. for example.. you want play fps? some new puzzle? or you want just read some visual novel? it can shrink it and make it easier for moment. recently i found out that when i don't play i get sometimes sudden idea what i want to play. for example now i'm sadly busy and after cs 1.6 i feel that i want try half-life series! i played HL1 and HL2.. HL1 i consider as finished because i really finished it.. HL2 i finished too

| but i plan to return to it.. but somehow i really want try dlc? blue-shift and opponing forces.. will i enjoy it? i don't know, i will see ^^ but i think that it's good idea
another thing is join your friends if they play something.. let other people "choose" is sometimes also good idea because you are "bad" in it xd

| >>948341 i can tell that it's real thing, but by time it's have tendency to going better if you have "plan" or way how to deal with it ^^
>>948340 >>948386 i honestly don't use any of these websites.. just howlongtobeat sometimes (unregistred) or steam reviews when i feel time stressed and i have really limited time to play games and i want to play them in whole in few days or so.. (for example 10 times in year).. but it's also options

| but when i see these people having excels, trying to have 100% even if they don't enjoy it etc.. i feel it's wrong..

about games is important to enjoy way, not goal (goal is important only if goal is good enough that it's makes you feel, yes it was worth to suffer for this)

| i'm sorry if it's too long or so.. i just told all my experiences, i didn't solved my library completely but it's made me learn that in first time is important to feel joy. if you are enjoying kills in cs:go, wins in fall guys, talking with people in mindnight, roleplaying in mta or anything else it's nice and perfect, and is more important than feel mixed feelings like.. i did 100% these 5 games what was boring..

| you can ask me anything.. if you want to.. i'm often here around

| Here a take.
Videogames used to be loved and consumated like a gift when you were a child. It used to be something beautiful and that comes out of nowhere. You had no idea what it was all about, you just wanted to take on what the game does want to give you. Be it a fun adventure or a tedious challenge.
Now days it's just another of the many things that you look when looking for entertainment. Just for the fact that most people can't anymore go on and sit down to reflect.

| There is so much stuff and such simple accessibility. So people want to just take a quicky and be done with it. But this ruins what needs to last long, the kind of entertainment that wishes to gift well build up emotions.
Such thing has no meaning when you have people trained to enjoy instantly rewards for little effort/focus/time.

| We'll lose any chance to get well done things at some point. Because it doesn't reward whoever makes them. As such the only way to do something to make up for it, is to keep pulling at each moment of the game some random stuff and pretend that's important while it's just there to maintain the player's interest.

| How wasteful. There is no emotion because you can put emotions more than that much as you need to feed conduct yourself like a mercant who reads tendency of the customer to sin in his production.

| On the other side the player has a life. He seeks for what his genre is and needs to mark it down to a very small filtered number of games. It's a must that he does seek the best game ever made in his mind.

| But you know, it not such an ambition anymore. I don't feel like people are into doing a deep research as it has used to be, so they are just making opinion based on what's at the tip on the surface of the iceberg.

| by listing this, I come to extend myself with your points.
>>948518 Getting 100% is the essence of doing something. It's more bitter leaving things half assed than finishing it with less enjoyment than started. Give up-ing it's so wrong. Once you do that, you'll keep repeating till you'll leave yourself looking at a table full of apples with only one bite on them. It's unsightful.

| And it feel worse to throwing those away because it's food, somthing you enjoy but can't get in mood to deal with it.
With this I say, people are not in control of their own actions.

| A game is a like a gift in a box. You want to be in mood to accept it, you want to appreciate whatever you'll gain, you'll want to find a suitable reason for you to own it and you want to use it as you want to make the full of what it can give you. Like a good relitable friend. To adventure with it till one of them can't do it anymore.

| It's about making a MEMORY!

| >>948519 Why is sadness bad? Win and lose are two faces of the same coin. Laughing and crying together, they both make bonds stronger. They're both temporary, both can be used to mean what the other emotion wants to express. Living a life full of happiness is boring, it makes the you empty.
But this is not about saying that losing has to exist too.
It about the type of games you've listed. They've not an evenly sided in win/lose ratio. It changes by experiences and talents.

| Overall this come up all to probabilities. Average? The ratio can may be close to even. Individually? Someone will be only winning, and someone will be only losing.
What does it mean? It's like enjoying gambling for "hobby".

| >>948520 Now my question. Is it better to live a short live but with a lot of high up and low down or a boring life that's always a straight line?

| >>948515 well, the thing is, sometimes steam just mislabels stuff
like, for example, persona5 is tagged as vn which is...wild
co-op/multiplayer stuff can also be weird sometimes, tried that as a collection filter

| also, it's not that I'm interested in 100%ing every game, and I'm not above dropping titles if i don't get anything out of them in terms of enjoyment
i just started thinking about backlogs to manage tracking things I'm interested in playing in the future (and keeping them in store wishlist is kinda inconvenient) plus games i have in different places, like steam/epic games/android nds+gba emulators
plus i happen to genuinely like outsourcing some of my life management to excel :D

| >>948590 i do all my budgeting, bills and other stuff there, took literal years to develop and optimize tbh :1
I'm also in progress regarding working out kinks in my notion book database

| >>948534 well
the thing about life is that you'll still hit highs and lows just by nature of it's unpredictability, deliberate risk-taking just ups the probability
so your question is kinda moot from the start - you always have potential to have long AND fullfiling life
plus i think it's not right to equate stability with flatlining, some people really need that in their lives
i view is as more of a foundation which you can build and improve upon!

| >>948522 honestly this, but a lot games was also transformed, dlcs models, remakes/remasters, game as service, indie titles etc. there are released a lot more games than 20 years ago. Here for example Steam - https://www.statista.com/statistics/552623/number-games-released-steam/
If is there something changed, PS5 surprisely have less released games than PS2 (4376), PS4 (3289), PS5 (552) - by Wiki
But is difficult to think about every game as gift by things as Bundles, passes etc.

| About Steam (where i play the most) i access as Wonderland, and i consider itself as "game" where are too much places (games), where you can to go.. this place is large and you can never see whole wonderland, but you can spend time there hovewer you want to.. you like to enjoy tea party? (some your favourite game), and you want to have whole conversation? Or you want go to somewhere else and just lost yourself? (other game what you don't know)..

| you found place what you don't want to see anymore? (hide game feature) than you don't need to. But once you will need to leave wonderland, but anytime you can return to as you want to.
>>948527 if people play only few specific games, and they really love them, there is 100% of course good idea.. but i don't know if is good idea to have 100% in game what you feel is boring.. Personally i plan to get 100% in Press X to not die, but i procrastinate it little.. but recently i got

| 100% in The Stanley Parable where i letted my PC for 24 hours on xd but pick just iceberg is maybe ok if you feel that game don't bring joy even since begin.. About The Turing Test i for example liked story so i finished it over that puzzles was feel depressing to me.. so i later (when puzzles was difficult too much) i usually gived up and was watching guide about last rooms.. i'm maybe terrible in this way i guess..

| >>948528 if you are having too much games, i think that take just bite is ok if you aren't allowed to share your game/apple with anyone else and it would expire. Only if you want to of course. You can keep these apples on table to if you want to. It's just your choice, i wouldn't bite it because i don't like fruits (games can surprise sometimes in iceberg) i would share them or throw them for having table clean.

| >>948529 i'm terribly picky in food btw xd
>>948530 i honestly like to collect games on Steam, and buying bundles is feel as getting magazine with something what you will probably like to read. But most of time you will probably read only specific articles with topics what interest you. Also it gives you a lot choices.. For me, it's never happening me feeling "i have nothing to play", but i have question.. what i want experience? Or i want reflect some kind of feeling?

| For example i now enjoy FPSs a lot now.. maybe because of CS2 hype too now.. and because of uni i want feel as in science lab.. so half-life is really good choice i feel. But i agree that is worth to give box try ^^ but if you will see that is inside apple what you don't eat.. is nothing wrong to not eat it.
>>948532 i think that feel hate in souls games or competive games is natural and ok.. even feel boredom if you try something new. But at this moment is ok to leave i think

| >>948532 i believe that wonderland is state of mind where people leave to feel beautiful emotions from cruel world. person in wonderland is not supposed to feel real there but as in dream. But people in dreams aren't doing work or repetative things or task. they travel, finding yourself and fighting inside with yourself with purpose to make this world beautiful. I don't think that Alice is paying taxes, doing work, using Excel or having conflicts with people.

| >>948613 personally i enjoy playing dark games, because of dark aesthetics as Off-peak, the path, the town of light, freud gate, missed messages, marie's room, lynne, price, transparent black, at home alone, gris etc. over that they trigger some things from irl.. but i think that it's something else than play commandos, grand ages, or indie title with topic what just don't interest you..

| >>948532 but by your description my life maybe can defined as boring i guess, but if bad things happens you, out factor should be start of it, you aren't supposed to make yourself bad.
>>948533 i think that "gambling" mechanism can be fun if is there nothing to lose. if you already own a lot games, i think that "gambling in wonderland" is not bad idea
>>948534 this is interesting question..

| >>948616 i honestly don't know, if would be there straight line but you wouldn't know it, is probably same as first option i guess. So logically this, if you would be supposed to know them, i would pick option 3.

| >>948589 sadly but i think that it's enough for these purposes.. if you want play racing game, i think that is ok to see musynx.. if you will pick musynx instead it's your choice, but is enough to think and see like.. ohh Dirt is good idea! or you would give try Orbital Racer? If you know your choice already before filter, is there no reason to use it. For example there probably exists better fps as old half-life, but your choice should have effective not perfect

| >>948589 i think that friends shared games filter is awesome. it's makes options easier if you want play anything with friend(s).
>>948590 about games what i plan to get 100% i keep them in unhided library even i finished them with no tags.. and just think about return it anytime if i wanted to. i still have 4537 things in my library xd but it's did get on half. But word backlog is just your mindful concept. I just see it as something what is good to see smaller, but it's not work

| I just see it as size of wonderland. You want explore whole wonderland of course, but you are not supposed to there anything more. Ohh there is monster what force me to do these terrible retro things from 80-90s? Or is there boredom? I go somewhere else

| I honestly play on Steam mostly.. on Epic really rarely because i hate how laggy this launcher is so i often forget what games are there. once they will fix it, i will may have wonderland 2? But i don't need any kind of backlog websites or so. About games from consoles i play on native hardware, (i did emulate only old computers) i can admit that i made txt files with all games from all existing consoles, because i wanted to know them existence, and slowly deleted these what i dont

| plan to play.. my txts list is now having only games from Wii U, PSP, Vita (PS4, PS5, Switch is not included because i don't own them).. but excel tables really scares me, even i had intermediate certificate from course. I don't like them, i prefer notepads. But about saving things, little bit i think about some kind of lofi cloud notepad for drawing, it could be nice for steam deck xd

| >>948592 i feel that my personality is having close to Misaki Mei, things in my life are probably ambivalent, i don't talk much and i'm maybe cold to people but i feel that i follow things what i enjoy. my personality is maybe empty, but i feel really comfortable around people what are nice to me over my personality. But i think that i have luck for highs, and when low happens, i just leave it. For example i found out that my high school was difficult, so i changed it.

| Same about leave 2 part-time works. I'm kind of paranoid and collecting informations, so over that my options are maybe seems impulsive sometimes, i don't feel them as risc. But if i don't count few medical things and things in relations, i think that my life is predictable for upcoming 2-3 years at least. but truth is that i have tendency to avoid riscs. but i have little long-term thinking about few possible riscs. for example wouldn't be fun to live in motor home?

| >>948262 ohh now i read again.. usually i just check if i game have.. but i don't use PSN/Xbox or Nintendo online services and i have good memory about these what i have.. but once embarassly happened me that i bought mistakenly one bundle twice xd so i better check it before buying

| >>f71612 tl;dr

| >>948628 it's not post for you so

| >>948630 You're so open it hurts me. I could simple go and touch any of your points and I'd be doing a personal attack without taking any meaningful counterattack.
I say, we're different. We'll step on each other's feets if we'd go on the field together.
I say, I do not like your view. I'll never understand your full point of view. I could criticaze your tastes and I could criticaze your way to live too.

| The thing is that I'd have no right to impose myself into you, everything you'll read is up to your judgement only.
You're living alright, but you feel sensible to traumas. But by minimazing your risks, you'll be unlikely to feel true pain, but for this you'd be less tolerant to it. It may'll overtake your completely as you have no past history on overcoming truly hard times.

| But the same applies for true happiness, you may won't notice it or recognize it and it'll be read as a midly joyful moment. To abuse the best of what you can enjoy and to mitigate the pain inflicted.
It feels like you want to live a lot and make the best of it in the way you've decided yourself, but you're acting on survival beliefs. To wish for your safety to keep marching ahead. It both mentally and physically what you seek to secure.

| I most important thing is that you seems lost, you want to have a place where to belong.

| About the wonderland. To think that you can make shopping site sound so immersive.
I believe not of this wonderland, I think each places should be a thing on their own. Not grouped in one named thing like wonderland.

| There wonderland is an unnecessary extra step. You could directly access these places without making up anything before them.
The best use of it is sealing everything within it away from everything else and sealing you away from everything else while there. You've probably heard and can predict from where am I going here, so I'll leave a continuity to your curiosity.
Tho, an extra problem happens when you make multiple wonderlands, this is messed up.

| And a question I want to make, how do you manage this wonderland or how it interacts when you let ousiders(anyone that's not you alone) into it? Do you even have wonderland be a thing in these situations?

| >>948710 i didn't want to hurt you or so.. but somehow it's sounds also nice idk why your words xd stepping on feets sounds fun idk why..
>>948711 i'm not sure what mean sensible.. but i feel often blank or confused, it's taking me a while to understand what i really feel.. when i feel emotionally bad or so, i usually share my feelings and thoughts with one person who i feel really comfortable with.. or when i'm in "impulsive" state i cut myself.. i'm dumb in managing my emotions

| >>948711 so you are probably right in it.. it's somehow scary how my behaving i predictable
>>948712 i think that i feel happiness, i don't know if real one.. but most intensive feelings i feel around one person.. but also when i can feed/pet cat, talk with someone who i feel comfortable with, watching something fun, eating something tasty.. but you are probably right that i want feel protected
>>948713 also this.. how you do that? xd

| >>948714 heeh xd "welcome in wonderland, explore this place around and take everything what catch attentin of your eyes" but i don't know if i would want have shop over that some people recommented me this.
But since wonderland don't exists, i think that Steam is having close to it, you can play games there, talk with people, collecting games/cards/achievements etc. I don't think that Steam gived me some kind of feeling i'm forced to do anything, or feel in work.. or same about /u/

| >>948715 this sounds too complex little, am i lost in 4536 wonderlands? but i can leave some of them pretty fast, in few minutes or hour, some of else i'm trapped for few of hundreds hours.. but since i feel that PC is mostly working device, i think that feel Steam is wonderland or /u/ some kind of magical diary, i think that it's makes things nice..

| >>948716 i don't know if i understand question, my english is little bad.. i don't have many friends irl. But i think that i can summare reaction of all people probably as "shocked but ok after awhile" when they see my steam library first time. when i was in IT high school (and my library had "only" 500-800 games), one classmate was trying to get for what price i would sell it and he offered 450$ xd i told that i won't because is having high value for me..

| but i saw also people what just wasn't care, and these best the most ^^ but most of people irl are "normie", for example from second high school i didn't told it anyone because they wasn't care about videogames or so..

i'm sorry if i understand wrongly :c

| tired rn. i'll be back with something if I can manage it in time

| how do you post this much what the fuck

| i wonder if this is what third-wheeling therapy feels like
please don't take offence but your metaphors sure went far and never looked back

| you know what you might as well post a pastebin/rentry.org link with all that text.

| you're cooking in some of your posts ngl now that i look

| >>948731 You need some slow way to collect yourself up. You're all over the table(the area of your whole mind).
The you that you believe to be the only yourself is just a fraction of what you actually are.
I think you've used to be different things, in a meaning of having a different personality, but with some events, it developed into what's now.

| It could be that or it could be that you've more simply lived in a repressed state. Some sort of understanding that you hold, a sort of barrier that may will tell you to not proceed, and you're unsure of how to deal with it, or more simply, you can't do it because of your limited tools.(ability and knowledge you possess and actual tools)

| *Pause*
The thing is that I can provide insight on the situation, but I can't provide a motivation to move on. Simply because I'd need to hear out your inner self about everything, and that's not a right I should have. I'm basically the worst person you'll ever know, alike any other faceless you can meet online.

| Your state is something to be deal with your own willpower, if nobody can pull you out, there is always yourself. The person who has the highest power to change you, however she thinks fitting.

| *Pause*
You may will also saying that this discussion is all something I've made myself, something that you can't care any less. And that's correct.
It is just my emphathy toward you that made me interested. You can go on a long way but you don't have a scheme. A formula to watch where you put your steps.
It is enjoyable to chat with you but I have a bad chemistry in general, I apologize for having me putting you in need to get around what my words say.

| I'm a little too refeshed, so I can't feel the mood of the original topic....

| I would need to hook back on the videogames train with a little of opening words about literally any thing about it.

| On the other side if you were still interested on my previous words I don't mind explaining myself.

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