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VR game recommendations

| Friend lend me his old HTC Vive and I lose my self into the cyberworld. So what are some good gems you know?
Preferable something not popular.

I already know about Beat Saber. And I also have my eyes on Mystic Dungeon and Into the Radius.

Oh and I also played Tea For God which is AMAZING. Anyways go~

| I personally liked messing around with the homies in A Township Tale, using four bows to firing squad anything that moves.
Hotdogs, Horseshoes, and Handgrenades (also known as H3VR or H3) is a really good gun handling simulator which is pretty easy to mod and turn into the most ridiculous gun handling simulator(50bmg in shotguns and a rotary grenade launcher chambered in .22lr is commonplace for mods).
Otherwise, I just play xCirrex's titles and beta test Project Aincrad in VRChat.

| Company makes even scuffed games good, which often just ends up making VRC my daily go-to. That and getting my ass handed to me on Beat Saber.

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This thread is permanently archived