Cool game environments

| Looking for inspirations of cool environments in vidya game

Suggests me your favorite.


| Anything by ACE team

| Vexx, Baten Kaitos, Chrono Cross, Xenoblade, Shadow Tower: Abyss, Power Stone, Panzer Dragoon, Resonance Of Fate, and Secret Of Mana

| Broken reality or hypnospace outlaw

| Bloodborne, Hollow Knight

| Automaton Lung has some amazing environments to wander around in. Played it on 3DS but I'll probably buy it for a replay soonish now that it's on steam.

| >>947551 >>947554 >>947558 >>947563 >>947586 hmm cool. Now, name one level/place specifically from those or just one. tx

| >>947551 >>947554 >>947558 >>947563 >>947586 hmm cool. Now, name one level/place specifically from those or just one. tx

| what

| nvm i had a brain fart moment. ignore my post.

| >>947598 >>947599 you can link me really cool game environments you think is cool

| I think posted this long ago, but I am sestuna and 360/ps3 neir have a look that feels like warm blanket guiding humanity to sleep.
Also like the non-modded look of Vampire the maqurade. I think it's source engine held with ducktape-ness makes the world feel like a shithole in a way you kinda can't if it was polished game.
yakusa 0
forget me not my organic garden + anything made by its dev
haru to shura
Deadly premonition
Rainy season

| Elona

| >>947622 >cestuna
What the hell is that
Wow what a dic
>the rest of it
Link me your favorite parts maybe
>>947623 u too. Link pl0x

| >>947597
Bloodborne: Hemwick Charnel Lane, Hollow Knight: Kingdom's Edge

| >>947688 thansk thats it i guess

| FF, Fatal Frame, Fragile Dreams, PS(P/Vita/2), Nintendo Wii (U)/Switch games

| >>947654 *I am Sestsuna
I think it's mostly present for the whole game, comft piano melodies and slow,soft,stillness of the snow. with prior being so cuz the world is becoming being inhospitable.
Honestly Music and graphics tell a better story than the actual plot.

| Nier Automata has a lot of cool abandoned environments. Some of my favs are definitely in there.

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