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VNDB Random Thread

| https://vndb.org/
Pretty much just click on the "Random visual novel" link and see what you can find
Probably better for /a/ or /d/ but idk.

| >>947303 1. it's taked me 110 refreshes to see game what i ever readed once (but forget, once i readed list of all ps2 games) - Girls Bravo Romance15's

2. 127 refreshes to see first game what i heared from and own at same time (also is in english so i can play it but i didn't did it yet) - Sakura Nova

| in one of results was "HELL-O" which is this: https://kathinkapng.itch.io/hell-o

i just tried it because aesthetics of cover seemed interesting, sadly there is no audio, and it is seems as text adventure, but i think that it's can't be considered as visual novel

| >>947341 3. 237 - Aozora Meikyuu - another visual novel which i own

295 - DokiDoki Fanmade, i have no idea what is supposed to be

453 - "Daughter for Dessert" really this is not visual novel but 3D porn game, i feel that only real vn is 2D tbh or 3D but with "anime" stylisation

457 - first visual novel what i played for 5 minutes than dropped..

518 - Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san, tbh it made me small smile

535-575 - i end there, i did get out of my count little

| my review to it:
you have chance 1-4:100 (or better) to have visual novel for Steam

there is also a lot things for itch.io

You will see a lot visual novels for pc which are only in japanese for older platforms as (s)nes, gameboy, ps1-2, psp etc.

sadly you will also see "visual novels" what aren't vn at all. for example text clicker with random picture.. (mostly from itch)

| if you think playing of visual novels serious.. i recommend you to not use random button.. like really, there you will see a lot games what you can't understand because they never was translated or "modern" vns which are honestly little shovelware platforms as steam/itch.. (there are also good one of course)

life hacks:

1. if you love some anime, there is high chance that there exists VN for it
2. google (pictures) is your friend

| 3. if you own any console, you can check list of games for all of it

| 4. Discord communities/Red- no that/4chan/anime discussions/IRC/Anime chats etc. are your friends! always you can ask there, always you will see some hardcore fan who will want to help you!

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