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Phone game?

| Any good ones? Idc if i have to pay for it, I am just tired of having nothing to play in-between classes

| try phantom rose I've never had to pay for anything in it the worst you have to deal with is ads but even then it usually gives you a reward/reroll to help you get through the game

| >>946239 your favourite games from past?
Are you ok about ports from other platforms?
Favourite genres?

| Try Limbus Company

| Grim Quest and Horizon Chase

| VA-11 Hall-A.

| If you like rhythm games, then Cytus, Deemo, Voez, and Dynamix are all highly recommended by me

| Emulate PS2, PSP, or NDS. If you run out games to emulate, then to for gacha that is F2P friendly.

| Bloons is good

RuneScape both modern and old-school are on mobile but I think osrs works better with the controls

| I'll forever tell people to play Buriedbornes.

| So far I've mostly just been cycling between Limbus Company and Phantom Rose and I've been enjoying em enough to say they're good. I've also been playing Magium too but I'm not sure if a CYOA novel counts as a game.

| Emulation is a great option if you haven't done it, but if you don't wanna do that, then there's still great ports from consoles like Alien Isolation, Grid, Dead Cells, Stranger's Wrath, XCOM.

| soul knight? you can play it with others.

though getting from room to room during gameplay takes a liiiitle too long, for me anyways.

| Elona

| Pathos is hard to get into at first, due to it's difficulty, but it has content for hours

| If you like rhythm games, Rotaeno and Cytus 2 are pretty fun, there's also a mobile version of vampire survivor, or you could emulate somwthing

| I play gba games on pizzaboy. Bought myself an 8bitdo m30 with a phone clip and it works quite well on the go.

| I play vampire survivors and dicey dungeons

| sky: children of the light

it rivals some higher platformed exploration titles like journey in my opinion for the community alone
a social space where nobody has a name (until you give them one) but everyone flies as brethren
super relaxing, honestly should be a paid game imo but its free

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This thread is permanently archived