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Library of Runia

| Become the owner of the Library and receive your guests.

Your librarians will fight for the Library.Combat between the guests and the librarians breaks out as if it were on a stage.

Defeated guests turn into books, and the Library grows onward.
Amass a collection of books and explore the secrets of the City.

And eventually, get your hands on…
The one singular, perfect book.

The game is on sale right now on Steam.


| Just remember Project Moon wants you to read.

| elona

| Angela

| >>946217
Forgot to mention the sale offer ends 14 March

| seems a bit too grindy for my taste. looks interesting otherwise though

| Not enough cute anime waifus

| Too many consumable microtransactions

| i bought it lol

| >>92fb44 Nice :3

| ii dont like koreans:(

| I bought it during the sale and just haven't touched it past the first battle. It's just so intimidating. Maybe this weekend will be the one

| >>4cd55b Why? It could be you haven't give it a chance yet. You never know.

I wasn't into Korean game until I played an otome game name Mystic Messenger. Mmm, after that I learned to apperciate voice actors even more.

| >>e18e4b Yes, take your time. I hope you can enjoy the story of this game.

| it's a good idea to play its prequel lobotomy corporation to get a good idea of the story

| >>947339
ok but what if I don't have the time or energy to get into two games and I find Library of Ruina's gameplay more interesting?

| uhh watch a recap of lc story then i guess

| Yes Lobotomy Coporation and Library of Runia is on sale until 24 March.

| To add, Limbus Company is also out, and it's pretty good. Got the full police brutality treatment, thank you very much project moon.

| Hey, I'm >>e18e4b and I finally took the time to learn the game's system properly. Really fun, good game!

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This thread is permanently archived