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| Are you a toxic gamer g/u/rl?

| I'm not angry enough to be toxic.

| at one point i was.

| I don't even chat anymore

| Nah not really

| depends on the game. war thunder makes me say bad things, drg makes me chat like a gentleman

| Okay, so non-toxic mainly. Y'all toxic for the bit though?

| >>945924 yeah.

| >>945909 rock and stone

| I'm only here for the fun, only toxic with friends who laugh with me

| Conversion, software version 7.0

| I only show my toxicity when no one is around me

| >>946121
Looking a life through the eyes of a tire hub

| nah, almost never. back in 2017 to 2020 i dated an ns2 pro league player who started coming onto me more or less out of the blue. she told me that she noticed me during pub plays because of how non-toxic I was even in toxic situations and that she liked that i stood up for rookies.

so yeah, acting non-toxic in an online video game got me laid on the regular which was honestly pretty cool

| I feel like if you are willingly playing online games in which communication is vital you should be talking shit often. It tilts the enemy while also raising the competitive spirit of the entire room. If you aren't talking shit then it will just be boring.

| >>946308
that happened

| >>946552 I was the ns2 player and no you can't meet me, I go to a different school

| >>946308
Wait, this sounds familiar... 8bit?

| Sometimes I get angry but I'm never toxic to others, no matter how hard I loose or how incompetent my teammates are, I type GG in chat and move on

| For some reason, I always thought that toxicity and slurs in gaming was pretty funny (not do them myself, just reading it/hearing it from others) so I kinda miss when you could talk with the enemy team in League of Legends.

| >>946617 well... I hope you do realize how bad it is. Funny or not, it's still bad.:T

| >>946629
reddit moment

| >>946629 but I genuinely enjoyed it g/u/rl!! Even if I didn't partake in it!
My sides hurted so much from all the laughing by reading all those slurs and angry words lmao xD

| >>946648 yeaaah, I can't really enjoy that anymore. It was fun for a... very short bit, but I guess slurs bother me more than people using them makes me laugh. :T

Uhh, but good for you!

| I just watch from the sideline. Online drama in games can get too much at times. Online games are my escape from irl stuff, it's not supposed to add to it lol

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