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You G/u/rls know of any free mech games I can download

| Been playing MekHQ and Highmacs simulator for a while and it made me realize the lack of mech games on my computer so give me some recommendations <3

| It's free if you're a fitg/u/rl, MechWarrior and battletech. Phantom brigade came out and looks fly. But actually free mech warrior online.

| elona

| MechWarrior 1-4 are all free, but not on Steam. Gotta search a bit for them (MyAbandonware might have them).

| Theres this one cool little mech game from an indie dev on itch.io that comes to mind


| not a mech game but ace combat is easily found online and it's arcade-y flying gameplay does tickle the same sense of my brain.

| Anything is free if you pirate it

| I didn't play much of it, but Galahad 2093 (or some number like that) is free on steam

| Gundam battle operation 2 if you don't mind the gatcha stuff.

| rip Hawken

| >>1d5d2e rip a real one, tried to blend battle tech and anime. Forgot to add gacha and anime tibbies. Ahead of it's time ;_*

| Gundam

| https://store.steampowered.com/app/1816670/GUNDAM_EVOLUTION/

| Maybe not quite what you're looking for, but Geograph Seal comes to mind. Or if you're fine with 2D games, then Front Mission: Gun Hazard, or Cybernator. All require emulation, though

| The only mech game I know is Titanfall, but that's not free. You could play Overwatch as Diva

| Not free, but low base price and often on sale for a euro or two: Mainframe Defenders

| Just pirate old games, nobody cares when you pirate 10 years old games. Especially the one that's only playable on old console.

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This thread is permanently archived