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God I love Katawa Shoujo

| If you haven't played it, do so. It's a free VN about mc adjusting to his newfound Arrhythmia in a school for the disabled.

| elona

| Sounds depressing and sad OP

| Man I love games where I fuck crippled girls (Elona)

| I love it too.
By the way, Hanako and Lily are the best girls
And the Shizune route is garbage

| Man I tried playing it, but I just can't get into it and I can't even see why people like it so much. Idk, maybe I'm too straight girl to appreciate it.

| Pretty solid VN tbh, I likes the part in which my little girl pet can drink my puke.

| i've tried but vn's just aren't for me. ironic how i'm here because of va11halla

| >>944673 b-but misha.

| >>945054 i'm going to motorboat your tits while shouting WAHAHA you drillsexual

| >>baf75b i want to cum on hanakos scars

| I'm never getting over Emi.

| No love for Rin? She could kick all your girls asses. Literally. Because she has to.

| can't comment on the game since I haven't played it but

>>944678 holy shit girl your ID is>>babe16
what are the odds lmao

| >>945226 that in specific? Probably doing 36^6 would be enough to give the right idea alone.

| >>945062 *comforts you in return*

| >>944678 what's up babe? <3

| It's hella cute and progressive without making me deep throat trans cock

| >>944678 hey babe

| Some people are working on a spinoff to Katawa Shoujo called Missing Stars, where instead of physical disabilities it's mental. Too bad the devs are too lazy moderating their discord to put out even a status update in 3 years, so not holding out much hope for a game in even worse dev hell than Katawa Shoujo. Autistic girl is hot tho

| >>945314 true true true based based

| >>945314 i dont understand how devs put off a project for years. is it a technical problem, skill, or just motivation?

| >>945314 concept is really cool, mega based I dare say.

But seeing how the chara design don't feel japanese, I think it's not gonna be that good

| >>945253 Kill yourself, you want to deepthroat gock either way. Don't be a tsundere about it

| >>944673 Uwaaah I like demure girls I can have power over uwaahhhh

| >>945761 unironically Yes.
But also let's not forget that Shizune literally rapes you. She is a rapist.

| >>945769 katawa should fans have the worst taste in girls lol there's a reason why Hanako is everyone's favorite

| i'd deepthroat nurse and let him abuse me

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