Analysis Paralysis

| I have terminal ADHD. Got a steam deck and all I do is look through all my cool stuff. What do you guys do to make your brain commit to a game and complete it? Hope you're all well

| I spent way too long just going through menus too. You just gotta play the game, really, no weird tricks. Maybe set aside an hour a day to just play that one game, and don't be tempted to play anything else until you're good with that one.

| not sure if this is the same for you but i want things to be perfect when playing games. for the most part at least. there's a few games i'm fine with multitasking with. anyways i get you.

| I tend to do the same thing, OP; Stare at the library, think about how awesome so many games are and how much I want to beat them, then repeat until I sleep.

Sometimes actually beating games requires I have people to play with, or in the company of, for motivation. I also beat games more often when I'm away from home and only have access to whatever I brought with me (less applicable with a steam deck).

| It also helps when I abandon the idea of "gotta do everything" in a game. If I look at a game I've been wanting to beat for the past decade, but have been continuously putting off, I'll tell myself to just play it with the goal of reaching the ending. Helps with RPG's especially.

| elona

| >>939139 I want to practice this too.

For OP, it reminds me of being a kid.reading game magazines and imagining playing each game. So not such a bad thing, I think

| same

i usually try and find the game i can hyperfixate on and crush it for like a week straight

sometimes i just play overwatch the whole time

usually i have to find something i know i need to progress in and force myself to play until the momentum takes over

| It's important to remember that every step you take in a game *is* progress, especially when you start to feel bored during monotonous periods of gameplay. If you're grinding levels, currency, or banging your head against a wall on a tough puzzle or battle, you're still moving steadily towards more of what you enjoy in that game. I leave a lot of games for later when I hit those segments, but finding those bits to fit into your mindframe while you play helps tremendously.

| Same. I kinda just force myself to boot up one of my favourites or just generally one where I know I'll hyperfixate as soon as I get it going. Works pretty well most of the time

| >>939098 yep pretty much how my brain works too. I not sure if it can be applied to steam menus, but in general having less UI on screen gets me to focus more. It's why I can sit down and read a book for hours but get up and walk around constantly in some VNs. I guess the best you can do is use big picture mode?

| >>607a3a I was never diagnosed with everything but I can never finish a game. I finished like 3 games in the past 6 years. I just gave up on it OP. I hope your condition gets better.

| I want to upload videos of me playing videogames but every single time I get way too anxious and nervous that I record myself and hate the way my voice sounds. Also I feel like I'm just not cool enough. Sad. :( I just want to have fun with life before I die

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