Tactics Ogre Reborn

| definitely the definitive Tactics Ogre experience. perfect balance of old systems and new concepts. tracks are all bangers. 10/10

| Hoping it's successful enough to at least warrnt further remasters (Person Of Lordly Caliber, please?), if not revitalize the series for new entries.

| elona

| Good to know. It's pretty far down in my wishlist, honestly, but I might get to it eventually.

| It's so expensive. Looking at the reviews on steam, did they remove the skill slot customization on characters?? goddamnit

| >>939009

the massive menu is gone and you no longer make and spend SP/JP. you automatically gain customizations for classes by levelling them up, and for weapons/magic by using them in battle. so it actually removes that middleman. you can still customize all your characters.

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thats more unlikely unless someone at Square actually starts caring more about games than money but it would be nice. i neeeed FFT Reborn (with a fully fleshed 4th act, and a LOT more Wiegraf, Delita and, Vormav

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if you are into tactics games and dont qanna drop 80 on this i still recommend the psp release or emulating the og snes/psx releases. the story is unchanged and 3ven as midis the tracks slap. if youve played FFT, this game is the logical next step (tho it was released first lol)

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I actually did not click with FF Tactics at all (I played the PSP version), which is odd because I enjoy pretty much every other game in the genre (Fire Emblem, Disgaea, Devil Survivor, etc).

I already have the *cough* files for Tactics Ogre PSP saved for years, I just never got around to playing it...

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do eeeeet

it has a more gritty story with genuinely tough decisions every chapter that change the branching story paths as opposed to the linearity of FFT. i guarantee the first decision in the game will make your jaw drop considering the medium and the audience.

| How does it compare to March of the Black Queen?

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