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Tactics Ogre Reborn

| definitely the definitive Tactics Ogre experience. perfect balance of old systems and new concepts. tracks are all bangers. 10/10

| Hoping it's successful enough to at least warrnt further remasters (Person Of Lordly Caliber, please?), if not revitalize the series for new entries.

| elona

| Good to know. It's pretty far down in my wishlist, honestly, but I might get to it eventually.

| It's so expensive. Looking at the reviews on steam, did they remove the skill slot customization on characters?? goddamnit

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the massive menu is gone and you no longer make and spend SP/JP. you automatically gain customizations for classes by levelling them up, and for weapons/magic by using them in battle. so it actually removes that middleman. you can still customize all your characters.

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thats more unlikely unless someone at Square actually starts caring more about games than money but it would be nice. i neeeed FFT Reborn (with a fully fleshed 4th act, and a LOT more Wiegraf, Delita and, Vormav

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if you are into tactics games and dont qanna drop 80 on this i still recommend the psp release or emulating the og snes/psx releases. the story is unchanged and 3ven as midis the tracks slap. if youve played FFT, this game is the logical next step (tho it was released first lol)

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I actually did not click with FF Tactics at all (I played the PSP version), which is odd because I enjoy pretty much every other game in the genre (Fire Emblem, Disgaea, Devil Survivor, etc).

I already have the *cough* files for Tactics Ogre PSP saved for years, I just never got around to playing it...

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do eeeeet

it has a more gritty story with genuinely tough decisions every chapter that change the branching story paths as opposed to the linearity of FFT. i guarantee the first decision in the game will make your jaw drop considering the medium and the audience.

| How does it compare to March of the Black Queen?

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fundamentally it's a different game entirely. MotBQ is closer to an RTS with RPG elements, with battle playing out as prescripted turned based encounters based on party setups and mitigated by manual consumable spells you can use as battle interrupts.

Tactics Ogre is a pure isometric tactics game in the style of FFT, Fire Emblem etc.

They are both fantastic and lore heavy. I would say MotBQ is a bit tougher and more opaque, more for serious gamers.

| That isnt at all to say Tactics Ogre isnt as it is also a fairly tough game and punishes lazy or overconfident play. Just that Tactics Ogre's systems are easier 5o actually learn and master.

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