| This is a nifty little game for fans of tactical rpgs on an isometric grid. Confines you to 3 types of character (fragile quick swordswoman, tanky, mid dmg shieldbearer, and low damage utility gunner) that you can develop through a recursive playstyle with roguelike progression. No healing items, you have to sacrifice an equal level character to heal another, damage and failure come swiftly, but use of positioning and combos will help you find the true pulse of this game.


| elona

| Based on the steam reviews, character development is just passive buffs, and game in general is difficult in unfair ways; I have mixed feelings about it

At least it's on sale now

| >>938551
semi correct

the development is generally the transference if stats and buffs from one sacrificed sister to a playable one

but i disagree that the gameplay is unfair
there are systems that you are expected and encouraged to learn i went from "this is annoying and hard" to "i am creaming this as long as i make every right move" within two hours and am still invested a week later

| >>938561 so, to get those buffs, you HAVE to sacrifice a unit? That is no bueno.
Might pick the game anyway lol

| >>938615

however you have a graveyard and can gain tokens through certain battles or as passive Passing Go which let you revive them

so you can absolutely use one lvl 11 tank to buff and heal the hp and def of a lvl 11 blademaster, then use a token to revive that same tank at full hp and same lvl

its got defined systems you can exploit in certain ways so i would never call it unfair or cheap

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