Touhou Project

| Anybody else on here a 2hu fan?

| Fuck Touhou.

| I used to play the hell out of it when I was a teenager. The games still have a very special place in my heart. I haven't kept up with it in years though, are the recent games any good?

| >>edbdb0 kill yourself :D
>>63f013 They're honestly really consistent quality-wise, but the best characters came earlier imo (bnuuys)

| 2hu's an amazing franchise.

God save ZUN

| ^ This guy gets it

| elona

| I prefer the older games, up till Touhou 15. Touhou 16 and above feel pretty off,as if ZUN was running out of ideas for soundtrack.

| That's true, LOLK was the last memorable game imo

| That much is definitely true. The games/stories are still good, but the characters from earlier just stuck a lot better.

| Nitori is my wife.

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