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Katawa Shoujo appreciation thread.

| God I love KS so much. Even after a month since I finished it, I just can't get it out of my mind. Lilly live rent free in head now.


| I first played this game around ten years ago and it truly moved me. Even having played other VNs throughout the years, I still visit this particular one once in a while to feel things.


| >no arms
>always stands uncomfortably close
>"I'm hugging you, Misato"

| elona

| Hanako and Rin >>>>>><

| finished KS earlier this year and it genuinely is one of the best VNs ive ever played
rin route sad but based

| Been reflecting a bit and when I was 15 I was obsessed with Rin, now I don't know if I wanted to be with someone like her or be her

| I like the game, but never get how it can have people constantly discuss/post about it in 4ch. It has a thread in /vg/ and it can survive competing with gacha games that ears millions of $$$ and get updates every 1-2 weeks.

Like the game is ancient at this point, all lets plays, reactions, and discussions have been made. There is no chance for sequel either, so I don't know what they are posting daily.

| >>938332 Good feelings :)

| >>938260

| Genuinely one of the nicest things out 4chin. For a place that's mostly about bitchin and trolling it's nice to see them produce stuff.

| >>938592 katawa shoujo was a chan creation?

It's one of my favorite VNS

I was in summer school in my junior year and I sat in an original wood library for study hall and I played that game.

Tuned out all the bad things in my life.

I love you all btw


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