Sonic robo blast 2 kart?

| Anyone play this? It's honestly a lot of fun online.

| https://open.spotify.com/track/4sH9yGg8B0YsVE9RJ0CCKS?si=j40z83J6Ti--gfoaw7h_yw&utm_source=copy-link

| elona

| Occassionally play it. Pretty fun but from the in-game server i dont see many people online

| There's a server that's populated thrice weekly (Fri, Sat, Sun, starts at roughly 12PM to 4PM) by people from a board that shall not be named. Abominable culture, as you might expect, but the way they have the gameplay tuned is quite nice.

| Daytona

| There's also a somewhat weekly game from another alt-boardthey wouldn't want me to name. I used to be a regular, and swing by every now and then these days. They're nice people, I wish I could participate more in their events. I hope they're all well.

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