friends hate the fighting game character I play

| I found a few people to play Guilty Gear Strive regularly with, but a problem has arisen: they (mainly Bridget) hate the characters I play (Ky Kiske, learning Sin rn). The other person we play with doesn't mind as much, but frequently insult me indirectly by talking about how boring the character is. Should I just learn another character (and any recommendations)? I don't want to go back to mostly playing alone but it annoys me.

| they're just probably transphobic tbh

| Go to tournament and make some friends maybe

| >>936972 this sounds silly, but I don't really know where to look for tournaments online. My social media presence is almost zero, and the couple online tournaments I've entered don't extend interactions beyond "enter room, play matches, leave room", not a lot of small talk.

| elona

| Hey man as long as you aint a HC player. Those fights are a bore

| "Get good cracker"

| literally google fighting game tournaments

| every time they complain, pick potemkin next match

if you want to switch for real you could try testament or happy chaos since bridget ends up throwing the same loop against anybody who likes a shorter range than her as far as i can tell. but really, it sounds like they're just being assholes.

| Your friends kinda sound like dicks... If it were Potemkin, then sure. But Sin and Ky are normal characters, what is there to get upset about?

| I guess this was a vent as much as asking for advice, but stepping back for a bit does make me feel a little better about the situation.

I think I will try out a couple characters. It doesn't hurt to have a couple characters I can swap between, even if I stay on Ky for the Tower.

>>937093 >>937123 Since the main problem they have with Ky is "he's boring", I think they don't like playing against characters with a fireball/full screen zoning tools, even if I'm good about not

| just spamming fireball.

As for Sin, until I get good at his BnBs I've been playing conservatively; alternating spending stamina aggressively and then backing off. Maybe that's "boring", idk.

| I expeeience something similar about hinata in naruto games, but i love fast charging chakra

| >>937161 Hinata mains are dangerous.

-signed: Fellow Hinata Main

| >>937240 *high five* ^^ i like neji and gaara also

| My guees is it's not actually the characters that's the problem. They're either just mad you're good or one of those people who complain about literally every single thing in the game cause they don't know how to enjoy anything

| >>937278 possibly. next time we talk I'll ask.

the tower is 90% Bridgets whenever I log on (floors 6-8) so I'm very familiar with the matchup at this point

| >>937280 It is a good idea in general to learn several characters. If you can get good with someone vastly different and still kick ass, and they still find something to gripe about, then... yeah.

| >>937392 Hell, give Anji a shot. His dodge ability is glorious. Dodge>Throw>Butterfly>LowFuujin is a super easy combo that will catch people on lower floors pretty often.

| Knowledge checking people with a character is always gonna make them mad, especially when they don't know how to learn and adapt. I'd suggest just playing less serious characters against them and looking for real practice online or at locals

| >>936965 sounds like a skill issue. start playing faust and become part of the faust hivemind

| Pick new friends, you should just play whoever you want without judgment.

| I brought up my issues to the more level headed friend, and seeing as he didn't even realize it was happening, I think it's going to get better. Much like the frustration was a slow boil, I think I'm just going to have to take a break from the characters.

I'm learning Ram atm (i know she's high tier but that's not why I picked her), will probably keep Ky in my back pocket. Wasn't having much fun with Sin so that's not a hard char to drop.

| Might be burnout settling in as well, I've been grinding the tower to get ready for a local I've been waiting to resume.

| Certain match ups are aids and don't allow the other player to fully use their tool set. Or even if they it's unsatisfying.

| >>936965
just tell them "mad cuz bad"
the new bridget lore is more transphobic than not liking to play against bridget but go off I guess

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