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Go-to Multiplayer Games

| What do you gravitate towards as a go-to for multiplayer games?

I like MMO's, but for ease of access, I like to invite people to play hack'n'slash and competitive games. Grim Dawn, Path Of Exile, MechWarrior Online, and a slew of fighting games.
What about you?

| Whatever the person I'm with is down to play. Usually ends up being some sort of chill game. Something like a dungeon crawler, Stardew Valley, Minecraft, Halo or CoD, stuff like that. Just gamed where you don't have to think and is just something to do while you talk, but with just enough going on that you can easily switch the topic back to the game or something funny can happen, yk?

| I don't play multiplayer games a lot anymore but I used to play Toribash all the time. It's some physics based fighting game that has a pretty interesting community

| elona+

| Spiderheck and Boomerang Fu for party games.

| Escape from kharkiv

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This thread is permanently archived