Strict games

| There's a lot of games, especially recently, that are so strict, you know what I mean? Like, I love games that let you fuck around and be creative and push it to it's limits. Games being overly polished, only letting you play it one way, patching out cool shit just cause it's not intended, like, that's so fucking boring.
Finding broken combos or unintended movement tech or solving stuff in weird ways is so much fun but so many devs and players nowadays seem to hate it

| An example would be SSB Melee VS SSB Ultimate. Melee is sick and has stood the test of time cause of how you can break it and push it to it's limits in really fun ways. Ultimate is super polished and will 100% die out if they make another one.
Or older VS newer From Soft games. I'm playing through DS1 again and accidentally stumbled across a build that kills 2nd phase Ornstein in like 10 seconds and it was sick and a fun experience, while Elden Ring nerfs every good build

| I can't be the only one who thinks games are way more fun when they're not overly polished

| On single player games? Sure. On multiplayer/online? It's all fun and laughs until you are interacting with griefers on a daily basis. Let's use your example on Fromsoft games. You are a new player on DS3, slowly exploring and making little progress, and in an hour you are invaded by people with endgame equipment that easily oneshots you, or you get machine-gunned with bow-glitch. Even as an experienced player, it fucking sucks.

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I honestly wouldn't have given a shit. When I was new I would instantly die to invaders anyways lol, and those two really ain't that bad. That machine gun bow glitch is just 5 arrows, and end game equipment is, like, eh. Idrc. Try to lure them off a ledge or run away or something. Like, half the shit in that game one shots you anyways and the multiplayer is optional, so who cares

| >>931034 I get ya, but my point was that, by not polishing a game with multiplayer involved, you can find some glitches that can either be funny or be harmful and prone to be abused by griefers, which will ruin the game experience for newer players, and probably for some of them will be a reason enough to stop playing it

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Tbh I don't think that's cause of the glitches but cause of a culture shift. Like, let's take Halo as an example. I knew somebody who was a massive Halo fan. Halo multiplayer was his whole thing, and he'd always talk about how his best multiplayer experiences was in the early games. Those games were broken as shit with janky physics and half the weapons being one hit kills. But then he'd complain about a gun in one of the new one's killing too quick (like 3 seconds), yk?

| I don't think I've had the positive version of this, like a secret exploit that gets patched later type of thing.

Though I love it when a game will let me irreversibly fuck up my build or set up. And I have to clean up or brute force through a challenge as a result.

Like making all my party archers in ff tactics war of the lions.

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I have lots of similar examples too, so I don't really think it's that broken shit makes games unfun. Quite the opposite. I think it's just that the culture has shifted to view unintended as bad and dying as the worst thing in the world. Cause when people were more willing to embrace the jankiness of games they viewed it as really fun, yk?

Yeah the other way around too tbh. Unitended challenges can be super fun to fight through and overcome

| I remember my first DS1 build being an absolute abomination, so when I got to the Gargoyle's I barely did any damage. So I grinded, bought a crossbow, 99+ shitty bolts and just ran away while slowly chipping at their health. Unintended challenge, but so fun
Or getting stuck in or fucked over by weird glitches and overcoming them. Such fun moments

| elona

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