Steam saaaaales

| What did you gurls get?
I bought Ultrakill

| elin

| Yakuza 3,4 and 5

| Thought about picking up Divinity Original Sin II.

But I got other games I wanna finish!! Specifically Signalis and RE Village's DLC

| Hyper Demon and Phantom Brave

| Even though it's not on sale.
Buy Sonic Frontiers with money

| >>930682 im really tempted to buy Signalis even if it's not on sale. How is it so far?

| >>930682 Do it. I'm not joking when I say it's one of the best game I've ever played. I rarely ever replay games, but for Divinity Sins 2 I did it three times.

| i found nfs i think that i will may take it when is so cheap xd otherwise.. i think that i will maybe pass it.. or check deeply later.. i'm little busy sadly

| I went through it, and I got Might and Magic 3 and 5, and Melty Blood. Super cheap for all the attention these games got.

| Thinking of getting neon white

| I bought deep rock galactic and cult of the lamb except it was just before the sale because they both had pretty sharp discounts in the last month or so

| -Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!
-Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon
-Into the Breach
-Caves of Qud


| >>930721
Get it

| Piratebay 1337x.to

| I got Ace Combat 7. Can't wait to get into ridiculous airplane fight and its ridiculous plot.

| -NFS: Hot Persuit remastered
-Unravel Two
-Hentai save ukraine (or something like that i don't remember name)

| Call me crazy but I bought Getting Over It with Bennet Foddy. It was cheap enough that I spent spare change from my Steam wallet. XD

| >>930721 Get the game if you love the aesthetic of early 2000s Japanese games & anime. It's also a really fun platformer FPS for speedrunners.

| >>930704 It's fantastic! I'm almost done, it nails the PS1 graphics aesthetic perfectly while having a dark, surreal vibe similar to Evangelion. Leans more towards puzzles and inventory management than fights, which I still enjoy I'm survival horror. For newcomers, it's more accessible than classic Resident Evil.

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