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Thoughts on the PSP?


| Sure is... portable.

| *ports your mouth*

| >>930412 really nice handheld ^^ if you are bored from mobile games, on PSP you will have for sure better experience, and without microtransactions.. also is there naturally really good japanese production on it ^^ There are nice exclusives/ports like naruto ultimate ninja heroes, bomberman, mega man powered up, burnout series, Daxter, Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA, LEGO games etc. I really loved it, now i replaced it with my Vita and Deck now

| >>930425 stinky weeb child>:V

| Awful build quality throughout the years. Nowadays rare battery and no good replacements. There's like 5 games on it that'll interest you, otherwise you'll just emulate everything up to PS1

| >>930428 saying someone literally on textboard "^^

| It's nice. Cute little handheld that can emulate everything that came out before it and has some pretty cool and unique games on it. Pretty cheap too. I think I got the console and everything I needed to get it working for less than £100

| It got nice games. Nowadays I just emulate it though.

| elona

| Just get a psvita if you plan to do homebrew on it

| One of my favorite handheld ever. I still keep my old one, I love how the display looks even with lower-fidelity graphics by today's standards. I don't play it as much since it's got a broken L trigger, it's mainly my MP3 player and GBA emulator.

| Wish there was a PS Vita Go

| still using it
and crying about patapon
no Patapon 4
no hope
only sadness

| Weird handheld that uses discs

| >>930723 they are called umd.. but you don't need them if you know way "^^


| Steam deck

| Heavy, chunky, but cool.

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This thread is permanently archived