From Soft games are comforting

| The From Soft RPGs Demon Souls and forward are so comforting. The feel, the aesthetics, the message they got, the characters, and tbh the combat and stuff too. Something about the process of learning the patterns through trial and error, death not being a time waste but a mechanic, the experimentation and different approaches you can do, it's just so, relaxing?
Like, don't get me wrong, I've felt annoyed at these games before, but they honestly make me feel more calm than anything

| Getting into the rhythm of the combat feels almost like a dance in a way, there's plenty of stuff that's challenging but it's never impossible, and, idk. I just think they're really beautiful, and they make me happy, and they help me relax and calm down when I'm stressed and overwhelmed and overstimulated and stuff, and, yeah. I think that's really nice

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| I feel that. The way a Souls game encourages us to be mindful of our environment and the patterns of enemies is a meditative experience. Even better with the notes and multiplayer elements, it's like a cycle of being helped before helping others. At least from my experience.

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Yeah! The mulitplayer elements too! Seeing, hearing or reading glimpses of other people, summoning and invasions, getting help and paying it forward. It makes you feel like you're never alone on your journey

| I think you're view of it is interesting and probably unique, like going into a bdsm club and reading the manual for comfort.

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I mean, comfort and safety is definitely an important part of bdsm lol, but, idk. I know some people kinda view those games almost as rage games and super punishing, but the repetition and always learning new stuff even on 4-5th playthroughs and deaths not being a "you fucked up" but rather a "you've acquired new information", like, idk. It puts me at ease

| >>930458 >>930460 When you're taught to accept your (and other players') mistakes as lessons, it can be very therapeutic. I don't think it's that unique especially when numerous people claim it helped them cope with depression. I can certainly say that from first-hand experience. Souls games teach you to hold onto hope & reach out to people in a grim, punishing environment.

| >>421418 narratively itsp quite the opposite no? The prime is gone and it's a bunch of people hanging onto dead memes. Buy my inventory and I commit sudoku. But there is a certain serenity to the harsh discipline.

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Narratively in the games? If that's what you mean I think the stories in them fit really well with that. Finding companionship in lonely worlds, letting things go and moving on, choosing your own path in life, etc
Even though the games are very dark there's lots of good messages in the narrative!

| There's nothing more soothing than sitting in Majula's bonfire, next to Shanalotte, enjoying the soundtrack while looking at the perpetual sunset.

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DS2 is sadly one I haven't gotten around to yet, but I just bought it on sale

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