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Niko plush

| Niko plush is life. Niko plush cleanses the soul. Buy niko plush. :3

| Is there another place to buy a Niko plush instead of fangamer? I'm asking because I had an awful exchange with their tech support while waiting for my plush to arrive. The tech support guy kept insisting that I haven't paid enough(wtf?) for the plushie even though THEY set the price and THEY charged $32 from my CC. He was very rude and kept insisting that I don't have any money and that you need money in order to buy the plushie.

| I ignored him, obviously, and showed him the transaction and informed him that they already charged me for the plushie but he kept insisting and implying rude things until I snapped and told him "WHAT WILL IT TAKE FOR YOU TO SHIP ME MY PLUSHIE?!" This time the tech support responded with only a single line that said "I need about tree fiddy". Well it's about that time I realize that this ain't no tech support it's that damn Loch Ness monster asking for that damn tree fiddy again.

| >>929969 oh shoot you serious? I just bought from them :(.
I have seen some niko plushies on ebay but i went with fangamer to ensure i get a clean product out of the box instead of something that could be a bit wornout

| Ignore that just read the rest of the text lol

| elona

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This thread is permanently archived