2 years after its debut PS5 has only 7 exclusive games

| https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:PlayStation_5-only_games

I guess you can get more if you add up PS4 exclusives.

| Honestly that doesn't sound too bad

| Exclusive suck so thats honestly fine

| I think that it's good, first time you can just buy them on pc instead

| elona

| >>929783 i'm just checking list.. and it's feel as situation about xone exclusives from previous generation..
Returnal is coming to pc
Neptunia reā˜…Verse, Demon's Souls are remakes
ff xvi didn't release yet but it can be expected that it will be ported just like integrade or xv + 2 years after release probably..
Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is questionable game
Astro's Playroom is primarly tech demo and is unlikely that would come to anywhere else

| Sony in past announced that is not disconnecting ps4 and keeping support about upcoming games yet. Also games like God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, spider-man are Steam Deck verified. (which is from performance side comparible to PS4) And since Sony don't have own handheld anymore, it's for them now probably benefical if they will now become main third party developer for this device. Or at least they can make good advertisment now and than make PS5 exclusives later.

| And it's still too many exclusive games, the proper amount is zero

| >>929885 there will always exists exclusives on closed platforms.. There are also games what released for example on NEC computers/consoles, SEGA, older playstations, arcade machines and anything what never was ported to PC, and they will never be ported.. There are rare exceptions like True Love '95 on Steam, but they can't be counted with really. But in general are things going better than in past ^^ era when PS2 had too much exclusive games ended, since this is count going down

| Based on wiki: (it's not best source, you can correct numbers if you will have better of course ^^)

PS1 (452)
PS2 (511)
PSP (276)
PS3 (181)
PS Vita (82)
PS4 (63)

Xbox (102)
X360 (211)
Xone (12)
Xbox Series (0?) - I can't find anything

Gamecube (82)
DS (537)
DSi (4)
3DS (218)
Wii (323)
Wii U (35) - i believe that it's one of reasons why wasn't popular
Nintendo Switch (104)

| >>930025
Wii U was just cause of poor advertising imo

| you can't even play Sonic Unleashed on that router

| >>930079 also, but minimum games was also one of them. PS3 was better option these times. HW Design similar to tablet was also one of them.

>>930129 i like your sense of humour xd
i skipped PS4.. and i think that i will skip PS5 too.. at the moment i'm having steam deck and console what i would most likely wish now is Switch.. or maybe VR..

| I don't think exclusives would have saved the Wii U lmao. It was just that bad.

| >>930170 i'm having it physically home and it isn't so bad ^^ but Wii have more fun games (which is sad)

It is announced that PS5 exclusivity of FF XVI is time limited and should have this time last only 6 months.. Temporal exclusivities can't be really taked as real exclusivity. From 7 it's already dropped to 6

| PS4 is already peak Sony console gaming, the performance and spec gaps between generations are going to get smaller and smaller from here

| When you compare exclusives you should exclude PC generally a big chunk of console gamers aren't interested in building a PC and stuff so it doesn't really hurt that they're pc + xbone or whatever imo

| M$ realized that and it's way this list says 0 for series, Sony is probably starting to realize that but they're also on an anime titty censorship kick so who knows what they're doing

| >>930232 ps2 reached peak with 155 million consoles, ps4 117 million consoles..
>>930233 there are pre built pc, cloud gaming, steam deck and other incoming pc handhelds. I'm naturally consolist what in 2014 moved to steam since with disgusting things as monthly subscription for playing online or kill some my favourite series.. than we would must exclude last generation too, and talk about real generation of consoles.. these are only limited pcs

| >>930234 Microsoft is earning on things as azure, office 365, game pass and other subscription kind of services. Them last console X360 had sold 84 millions. Them console parody about large amount less.
Nintendo is honestly last existing console manufacturer atm, change my mind.

| Triple a industry ate its own tail with the high graphics Arms race. Sure from ps2 era onwards we saw amazing leaps but now it's years to make a game along with crunch and bloated costs all because each new gen is 2% more HD.

| >>930254 games for children

| >>930278 maybe games for children, but at least it's supported console. PS5/XSe are just computers with closed system, without or really few console games, and with minimum creativity. I bet that PS5 is white just with purpose, if Apple wanted join the game, than can accuse that they was first. "2 apple" gaming computers and 1 console handheld at the market actually.

| >>930253 yes there are pre built PCs I worded that poorly I just meant that pcs are more complicated than consoles and often familiarity bias will stop people from making the switch

| >>930254 not sure I entirely got what you're on about but I assume it's the part where you said they earn more from things besides pc games?

Yes I'm sure they do but given the Xbox one and later and the ps4 and later are basically fancy computers it's just good business to put a small about of extra work up front and sell to more people especially because there's not usually that much overlap


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