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Trails, Suikoden, and Utawarerumono

| Among the three, which are your favorites? I loved Trails, and the other two is commonly brought up in Trails threads. I feel like Trails has a much light hearted theme though, and the other two are more like Tactics Ogre

| Of these I've only played Suikoden II and like five hours of a Trails game, so Suikoden is my pick by default. I'd say that while Suikoden II could get serious and dark, there was also lots of lighthearted JRPG fun to be found. Though I really haven't played enough Trails to say for sure how it compares on that front.

| elona

| I've played all 5 numbered suikoden, but only first game trails.

Even with how the first trails ended, I don't feel compelled to try the second game. It has an interesting world, and that's it. Story, gameplay, and characters feels undistinguisable from other JRPGs that I played.

For utawarerumono, I thought it's a visual novel... never tried it.

| >>929859 I haven't tried Utawarerumono either, but I bought it on sale. Supposedly it's 80% vn, 20% srpg.

For Trails, the second of Skies is probably the best from what I've seen. I certainly felt like I was slogging through the first, but in the second Estelle is a lot more tolerable, it feels there's weight to the danger, and more importantly, you get to customize your squad, plus a couple extra playable not in the first.

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This thread is permanently archived