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Why tf Halo so confusing

| I've never played any Halo games until recently and tbh a lot of the missions are confusing af which is kinda weird with how hyped up these games are. They'll put you in a map built like a maze and be like "open the door" when there's like 20 doors total and it takes 5 minutes to walk between them all with no markers or nothing
Like, the action in it is fun, but bruh. Where to go and what your objective is is so confusing for no reason and I've never heard that mentioned even once

| Me and my friend walked around in the same area for 10+ minutes wondering why tf nothing was happening and there was nowhere to go and it was some little enemy sitting at the top of a roof (that you can't see unless you're on the roof and it doesn't shoot or make noise or nothing) that you have to climb on an inconspicuous electrical box on the wall to get to. It's so annoying

| >>929712 They are hyped because they was xbox exclusives.. And tbh, xbox never was good console.. I better recommend you Destiny 2.. Itself Bungie what made original series said that did move for more ambitious projects.. I never played this series much, just i tried Infite/Forge and i had chance to play for half a hour on public places.. Some people love this kind of experience..

| I just suppose that you are maybe like me maybe.. I think that Destiny 2 you would enjoy more, i definitely was.. also Halo was a lot about MP experience, kind of first-party title what had everyone who have xbox, just like people play for example mario kart together on Nintendo consoles or killzone/resistance on Sony.. It's also one of reasons why is Sony crying about CoD now.. I'm sorry if i'm critical too much, just halo isn't my taste too xd

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Eh. Destiny 2 is fine I guess. It's not like I didn't like Halo though. I like the actual combat and the dumb bullshit that can happen when playing with a friend. It's fun. There's just suddenly 5-10min of nothing out of nowhere, which sucks.

| elona

| > Halo is confusing.

Marine space soldier pium pium the shit out of aliens 6 games in a row.

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Yes, but between the pium piuming you have to navigate mazes with very vague directions, at least in the one's I've tried so far

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