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Hentai games that are actually fun

| Any suggestions? Most stuff is just super boring and annoying and often the CG isn't even worth being downloaded seperately let alone worth the hassle of the game.

| >>929445 what kind of hentai game?
Satirical, like Hentai Nazi?
RPG? Fem U? Monster Girl Island?
Clicker/idler? Monmusu, Spiral Clicker, Sakura Clicker? Crush Crush?
Visual Novel? Nekopara, Sakura series? Kiss for Petals? Detective Masochist? True Love (1995)? Chindere? Escalation?
Match-3? Mirror?
JOI? Under the witch, Fap Queen (2), Dominatrix Simulator, Femdom Waifu

If you are in femdom, maybe you can like hemdom blog website, but i think that is here a lot quality hentai games

| Whatever happened to my waifu is the fuhrer?

| elona

| Monster Girl Quest, Black Souls, SEQUEL, Tower of Trample, Heelfall, Hero Under Heel, LustGrimm Again, Lilith in Nightmare

| excessm's Parade Buster, Smash Boy, Yume-Same, and Mine's Canary are all pretty fun even when putting the lewd stuff aside. Although most of their games do suffer from the "you have to lose to see h-content" curse which is pretty tedious.

| There's literally a list of good lewd games pinned in /d/

| Because you mentioned hentai, then I'll go for japanese game only

Holy knight ricca
3D side scrolling game, pretty much 2.9D game. You can customize the main girl. You can't really "just download CG" because most of the scenes are 3D scene. Fair warning it has gore and bestiality.

Monster club bifrost
Fun brothel management game, CG is pretty simple, though

Magical girl celesphonia
Corruption game, main girl can be molested and humiliated in so many ways, even when in battle.

| Teaching feelings, 1room: runaway girl, The runaway girl and me, Imouto life monochrome
All cohabitation game. The gameplay is pretty simple, just click and choose some options. You play these games for the girls.

Leane of Evil blade, Leane of legitimate crown.
Cuck/NTR strategy game in which your female unit can be captured and slowly undressed

Hypno appli by Dobuworks
Live 2d hypno game. Fully voiced and there're different type of hypnosis.

| I wish there was more hentai fighting games.

| >>929745 maybe kinky fight club? But it wasn't much enjoyful.. it's only erotical fighting game what i know

| >>929856
I'm talking about more like mugen but with waifus that are nude.

| Skyrim

| >>929899 then just get DOA, Tekken, or soul calibur and add a nude mods

| Is sex with hitler considered hentai ? if so this one

| >>929957 tbh this is good reply xd i will may inspire

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