thoughts on Harvestella?

| i realy love the idea and look but i dont think its worth the price imo

| elona

| Looks like a game that I'll buy used in a few years and have a good time with

| apparently it's a port from the Switch and the port was done poorly. I'm gonna wait until it's fixed before I look at it more seriously.
looks like fun at a glance, though

| Square Enix has been on a warpath recently of developing/remastering good games that are well worth $25 and then selling them for *checks steam* jesus, I was gonna say twice that much but it's actually worse.

It doesn't help that they actively shit on regional pricing. Selling for 4x as much as people can afford? Good fuxking luck.

| Which is a huge shame because I'm actually interested in this one! And DioField Chronicles. And Tactics Ogre Reborn. And Valkyrie Elysium. And Triangle Strategy too.

I hope they don't stop making these mid-budget JRPG just because they "don't meet sales expectation". I want to shake their marketing team and whoever decided on these pricing

| I would like to replay all these remasters but I don't have the money for it blergh

| did they ever port Triangle Strategy?

| >>929385
Yep! It's on Steam!

| Can't put denuvovon all of them

| I played the demo and it's honestly pretty cool. Xenoblade looking graphics, farming, weird time travel story and based devs is all things that make me happy. I don't think I'll buy it unless it's on sale though

| ty all for your input! i have very mich the same thoughts. the price is wildly much, so i will just hope a switch sale comes along soon

| It's so funny how every single one of us is like "looks good, too expensive tho"

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