Touhou characters

| I've been in a touhou mood personally and I wanna know y'alls favorite characters

| all my touhou knowledge comes from akatsuki record's songs so i'd say the girl with the emotions on masks

| Patchouli and remilia probably maybe Marisa too

| that patchouli girl and cirno. also whoever this green girl is https://youtu.be/Rt0N3hfJJOI

| elona

| Yuyuko would be my favourite to have a tea party with.
Yukari has my favourite stage to actually play.
Koishi has my favourite hat.

| Parsee. She's my wife. I really, really like her.
Special shout-out to Yukari and Kogasa. The former is just a really interesting character. The latter would be wonderful to live with, but I'm taken. (No, I'm not a fan of polygamy.)

| I'm not sure if I prefer Cirno or Sakuya

| Not a big Touhou fan, but I'm kind of obsessed with the fanmade dynamic between Seiga and Miyako.

| Just good ol Reimu

| PC-98 characters (not Mima. I'm talking about Kotohime, Meira, Kikuri, Kurumi, Louise).

| Remilia and Flandre.

| >>928896
Impeccable taste.

| >>928935 Rikako, Chiyuri, Kana, Sara, Mai, Lolice are up there too

| Raiko's my drummer girl, but I also have a soft spot for Koishi, Mokou, and Kokoro.

Yess, Kokoro's a good girl.

| i only know cirno because of plan9front

| koishi

| Youmu is a cutie

| >>928783 learn 2hu lore from:
>the games and official media (broke)
>doujins (woke)
>fanmade music (A S C E N D E D)

| Kaguya and mokou probably

| Tenshi

| pettan oni

| The one with big tits and wide hips!

| >>929066 giga based

| Patchouli

| suika ibuki, the best gobling

| >>929954 you meant the JAPANIZU GOBULIN ?

| Koishi, Yukari, Remilia, Joon.

"My hat is my friend, it helps me relax <3"

| Koakuma and Rumia appeal to me in fashion and fan content

| >>930077 newfag


| Dayosei

| Big tittied fairy

| Big tittied fairy

| Big tittied fairy

| Big tittied fairy

| reimu :)

| that one several hundreds years old loli

| Big tittied human


| Big tittied human

| Big tittied human

| Big tittied human

| Marisa by far.

| Big tittied youkai.

| Big tittied youkai.

| Big tittied youkai.

| Big tittied youkai.

| >>930093 Bitch I was there long before even bad apple was a thing.

| >>929087 good taste

| >>930793 ty <3

| >>928754
Probably the EoSD cast as a whole. Really top tier, it makes sense they've endured in popularity for so long.
That's Shikieiki
Kagu/Moko makes for top tier yuri content, I approve

| >>931008 newfag

| If bad apple is so good
Where is bad apple 2?

| >>931127 touhou 14 stage 1 theme
(Mist lake iirc)

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