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Finding lost game(s) from demo discs

| Hello.. in the times when i couldn't read yet, there existed times when games was distributed on CD (Maybe DVD?) discs.. And there was few games what i never saw again.. So i will try to describe them as best as i can.. I doubt that would be anyone able to find them.. But.. Maybe just find of them can be key to find others? There are my descriptions:

| 1. 2D Platform game, happening in dystopiuan space, Main character is looking as personified piece of "popcorn".. map was a lot dark.. Game visual could be maybe little bit like "Carrion".

| 2. Detective, point & click game, game was based by real photos of environment, taked in house.. On right side was bar.. (i don't remember what was used for, maybe items?) Game had time limit, after it, game over. Is difficult to find any game similar to this.. this is probably closest visualisation.. http://roomescapewalkthroughs.com/mystery-of-mirror-of-death-episode-1-walkthrough/

| 3. Simple colorful 2D game where you control fish and collect coins.. There was maybe enemies? (i don't remember it was too easy), map was bordered, pixel graphics, fish was sized as "wall element". There is visualisation for imagine..

Important point: game isn't Match 3! But sadly this match 3 is paradoxically better visualisation for it.. game was controlled by WASD/Arrows.. and could move by 4 or 8 directions

| 4. Adventure, point & click? game.. With mini-puzzles? Visual was looking as Machinarium or Retro Machina (Retro Machina is little bit closer).. Probably from top-down or isometric view? i don't remember.. I think that there was also football minigame in one part of it

| 5. FPS game, starting in underground metro? And there was stairs up.. Visual was dark and horror like.. game is little bit reminding me cry of fear or f.e.a.r.. i didn't get far because mom banned it to me.. i didn't even see any enemy yet.. Main character was armored by knife

this game is a lot feel like this, like 70% match or like so! But of course not graphically so far, and with worse lights

| 6. Pokemon 2D platform game.. You played as Pikachu.. (i think that it wasn't licensed.. i really doubt it because i couldn't find it anywhere..) I just google it.. and maybe i found it?


i will need to check it and play..
Tbh web is looking as treasure.. i will check it around

| I'm typically pretty good at these sorts of hunts with console games, but PC is a lot more difficult. Not one of these sounds familiar. What year could these have been from?

| I played these games before i had my first laptop with Windows Vista (2011).. Games was compatible with Windows XP.. My guess is in 2007 or earlier.. I was born in 1998, so 2000/2001+ can be maybe also option.. i played games little early.. If it was for any console for snes or newer, i believe that i will 100% find it.. Once i was checking all games what released for all consoles from Nintendo/PS/Xbox xd i'm little extreme i guess.. But finding old games for PC is hard

| >>927718 never expected to see a Brazilian pokemon fangame here of all places lmao

| I remember that our household had landline.. And pc what i played on was crt.. Maybe we had internet, or we starting to having it? But i don't think that i was using it.. and if yes, i was probably only connecting to old website of kinder or lego (where was nice games.. or harry potter one (around 2004) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXCSYvB5YOo but my memories are little mixed.. i can't clearly remember what was earlier and after.. after 2014 are my memories somehow chronological

| >>927722 trust me or not, i didn't know that i could maybe play brazilian pokemon fan game xD

| https://www.reddit.com/r/tipofmyjoystick/comments/m98xz8/pcmid_2000slego_browser_game_where_you_collected/ i played this one too.. i guess that 2005 or earlier is pretty accurate xd

| How i'm searching.. i found in google results word "shockwave", i feel that i can remember this word? But maybe it's just fake memory.. I will need to find more about it

| 7. Game(s) with penguin(s)? I don't remember if it was one or two games.. I can't even remember if it was platform game or point&click type of game like lemmings.. (yes i can't remember mechanism) but definitely it had (one of them had?) level editor.. It seems that it was SuperTux (2) or Pingus.. My memory is bad, so i'm not able to confirm.. but maybe someone can see it interesting

| 8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skipper_%26_Skeeto
9. https://da.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sp%C3%B8gelse_med_Fork%C3%B8lelse

| 10. (1/x) This is something unbelievable what i found but i found something what i thought that is untranslatable.. xd
For full context.. in one times in my country (in czech republic) was releasing in Trafics (usually outside but it can be also inside store, something between tobacco store, newsagent but also distribution of cheap movies, games for less than 5€, candies, chips, dvds, books vhs etc. and basically anything what is easy to take and go away..)

| 10. And once was released game "Rex" (with undertitle: Hledá cestu domů / Translation: Finding way home).. under this type of cover: https://i.mimibazar.cz/h/bc/2/190327/14/b99901226.jpg
well.. http://www.hardcoregaming101.net/korea/part2/company-kidnkid.htm
this game originally released as 하얀마음 백구 (Hayan Maeum Baekgu) / White Heart Baekgu.. Which also had anime https://myanimelist.net/anime/10623/Hayan_Ma-eum_Baeggu xd and this game have also sequels.. i will need to play them xd

| elona

| 11. smurfs game, (probably fanmade?, probably coming from ms-dos) gargamel was have cutted of head at beginning cut scene.. tbh it was so bizzare that it's good reason to find it xd
12. Neo Sonic Universe (i lost 2 hours by it now) xd

| 11. smurfs game, (probably fanmade?, probably coming from ms-dos) gargamel was have cutted of head at beginning cut scene.. tbh it was so bizzare that it's good reason to find it xd
12. Neo Sonic Universe (i lost 2 hours by it now) xd
13. Gordi games, Kao, Croc.. in the hunnt i also found Voya Nui Online Game (2006) (sorry dissociation time)

| 14. 2D Platform game, little bit like this: https://es.123rf.com/photo_134367917_vector-de-juego-de-p%C3%ADxeles-de-arcade-personaje-de-lucha-con-uniforme-%C3%A1rboles-y-hierba-escala-de-cora.html?vti=oav8psjrdabtyemlkm-2-15

but, game had smaller pixels, with poorer colors.. character could fire flames i think? And there was no health bar like this (maybe different? but i think that there was no health bar)

| i'm sorry for making this post little long.. i will admire anyone who will br able to find anything from these

| Voya Nui Online Game.. it's so difficult to pay attention to this game now.. it's feel as little bad version with compare to wakfu..

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