Splatoon 3

| Is gay squid paintball simulator 3 good? Is it worth?
I used to play 2 back when that was big, and this one looks like that but better, but I don't have the economy to be impulse buying rn and I missed the free demo event thingy
So, if any g/u/rls have played it, what do you think?

| I heard this is the best yet.

| I just got it today. It's very good, excellent new weapons and stages and stuffs, but it's also pretty much just Splatoon 2 but better. If it's too expensive and you already have Splat 2, then I won't really recommend it now.

| *splats your mouth*

| You need more viral ad like "you're a squid now, you're a kid now"

| >>897668
I did too.

Oki, I see. Mhh. Physical games are cheaper than digital here, so in that case I think I'll check what physical costs and maybe wait a week or so and see. Ty!

| Have not played the other splatty toons before but it is really fun so far, keeps you coming back every day for new stuff in shops

| >>897668 It is, but it is just and update to Splatoon 2, which paying full price on an update is... not worth at all. It is if you never got Splatoon 2. Guessing Switch got 2 Splatoon games, I would wait for Splatoon 4 in three years (as I'm sure they won't address the problems Splatoon 3 has that are still coming from 2 anytime soon)

| >>897667
Okay, so basically, I impulse bought the gay squid paintball simulator
I did go to a store where I got it for like $15 or so cheaper than the digital though, so, yeah

| >>897981
lmao I got a feeling you were already dead-set on getting it anyway. Enjoy the game, op! Best of luck in the Splatfest!

| >>898061
I, yeah, I was...
I'm way too autistic to actually make good financial decisions. I low-key made this thread hoping somebody would stop me lol
Thank you! I'm liking it a lot so far! Best of luck to you too!

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