Stick vs Mech keyboard

| If people mod their stick with WASD-pads. Then why isn't using a keyboard for fight games more popular?

also post keyboard switches
Kailah pox pink modded with springs from box reds.

| Setting up a fightstick with keyboard buttons is a new level of extra

| can we get analogue keyboard pretty please? Could be pretty cool if we could press W halfly, and walk slowly in games :p

| actually https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpKBC1tWXws >>897566 trying look for hall effect switches>>897566

| I want analog keyboard but I like clicky keyboard for typing and they don't mix very well also money but you know

| the problem with keyboards is that you can't use them on consoles, which would be a problem if you're going to offline tournaments and things like that. it's a pretty popular choice with PC only players though.

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