I want to be excited for modern gaming again

| G/u/rls, lately I've been reevaluating what I want out of games. I could just comfortably replay timeless classics, but I want to be excited for the present/future of games too.

I'm mostly thinking in terms of storytelling & game design with current tech, not the business side.

Could just be me getting older while wishing for more "holy shit" moments. But if any g/u/rls out there can give me reccs or words of consolation for gaming's future as an art form, I'm all ears.

| Just play indie games and Victoria 3. There's plenty of well made shit out there for free, just need to do some sloothing to find it.

| elona

| Indie is the future of solo gaming, everything else are games that you play just because your friend also has that game

| Play Outer Wilds and also wait for Silksong

| It's hard to give recs to someone when you don't know anything about that person. Death Trash might be a "holy shit this is great"-recommendation for some, especially if you enjoy games like the original Fallout, but it might be a borefest for others.

In either case, your answer most likely lies in indie games. If you want originality and "soul"(fuck I hate that meme) you're more likely to find that in small teams rather than big developer studios.

| Man, I want to get excited too but the more I think about things the bleaker it all looks.

Like, yeah, the indie scene is still thriving with more innovation a day than there's ever been, but it's always been precarious. Every studio is always, like, one bad sales away from extinction.

Publishers are helping, I suppose, but with Devolver turning into a publicly traded company and controversies like with PQube, I don't know, things still look hard.

| The thing I'm genuinely excited about is also the things I'm most worried about: live service free-to-start games genuinely have the most interesting things coming out of them. Destiny 2, FFXIV, Genshin are constantly breaking new grounds.

But also I'm scared, like the MMO craze of old, this will get business execs fired up, when the fact is making a live service game is *hard as hell*. And there really isn't any space for too many of them.

| My one consolation is that indie studios/publisher with good records and stable position seems to continue doing good job.

Supergiant Games seems fo still be thriving, even if we haven't heard what their new project is gonna be like. Team Cherry's going to release Silksong anytime now. Wadjet Eye has a few upcoming projects ready. Annapurna and Finji and even Devolver continue to publish excellent games.

| op, I got older and games became less exciting so I started making games that I want to play. Making games has become more exciting than playing them

| Support indie and AA games, that's where original ideas went.

Personally I hate the push for superrealistic graphics and cinematic narration. It's a disease that holds back game design in AAA studios.

| >>897352 Bu-but the trend!
Doesn't people want 9000 first person shooter space games? Or 9000 Stardew Valley clone games that do everything the genre stopped being good for before Stardew came out? O wait what do you mean AAA, AA and indies all do trends?
The three types have lately become so mainstream you can't even trust indies anymore.

Just imagine if all those studios that work on the same game with different name just joined into just one game, best game ever, but no.

| Hyper Demon is out.
Gaming is saved.

| The only future of gaming to be excited for is coomer games. I wish there was a nice 2D fighting hentai game in the style of Marvel vs Capcom 2.

| >>897405 holy shit thank you for telling me

| >>897379 you're right, Indies also are guilty of copying each other and milking trends, but I think the studios die out easier if they don't do original things.

Well anyway, my solution is just playing weird or interesting games and not jumping at flavours of the month.

| >>897165
is death trash actually good? I was put off by the artstyle because it kinda looked like we're doing shitty pixel art because muh retro. And I mean obv I'm showing bias and assuming shit about this game but idk in recent times I started to look towards unique artstyles when I judge games at first.

| Ports

| >>897441
Nah, 98% of coomers games are under a subscription service where you're lucky to get a update every six months. And that's assuming it's a big update and not 1 picture so the dev can say they're still working on it.

| >>897860
Uh, what?

Death Trash is great but you'll never know if it clicks with you until you've given it a spin yourself. Be honest with yourself and let go of biases and you'll have more fun(and unironically become smarter in the process).

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