Should I get a Vita?


| Fair warning, the vita store doesn't work anymore (or is being abandoned soon IDR). Love it, but might be a good idea to get another handheld.

| Oh, and memory is a premium.

| If you get it, be ready to either modify it or spend a lot on Vita games. Their rarity goes up.

| Is "ok", if you know what you want play on it, than yes, i can recommend it.. But if you doesn't know yet.. I can better recommend you Switch Lite for same price, or pay little more and buy Steam Deck instead. It's older piece of hw what was little abandoned because of rising popularity of mobile gaming in 2011. You can expect kind of experience as with PSP or (3)DS.. It's sure fun, but not best

| Also if you would buy Vita i strongly recommend to use henkaku/hencore and download Adrenaline for playing psp roms.. also i can recommend pkgj for online backups.. if psn falled or so of course "^^

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I agree with this, softmodding is the way to go. There's no point in spending loads of money whenever you have simple solutions to play the entire library given you have the storage for it.

| Hell yeah get a vita


| Yes, and play elona on it

| Y E S G E T O N E

| Look at a list of vita exclusive games and see if you like how they look, if they look like games you would enjoy then yes go ahead and buy it.

| Never anything wrong with grabbing a new console, so long as you can afford it and there's a game you want on it. I picked up a Master System just to play Phantasy Star

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Are there even any Vita exclusive left that hasn't been ported to other consoles?

| https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:PlayStation_Vita-only_games

Touch My Katamari, I suppose. Otherwise, mostly anime games.

| >>897230 Freedom Wars, Katamari, Soul Sacrifice Delta, etc.

| I think Gravity Rush is a better experience on the vita, as well. That was what made mine worth it.

| Gravity Rush is such a good game.

| Which model of the Vita do y'all prefer?

| The only way I could recommend it; is if you are willing to Softmod with Henkaku Ens0, and get a Vita2sd adapter. After that, the system comes alive; but it's really held back from it's size and battery life.

If you just want to try out all the Vita exclusives, I'd suggest waiting for Vita3K to get better (or try it out right now) or seeing if it isn't exclusive, emulate a different system that has it.

If you just want an ultimate portable system. You should look at the PSP tbh.

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