Are all triple a games souless?

| Idk feels like most giant studio games have become more and more souless over time where it's rushed with no care and no origininality to be as safe as possible just to milk as much money as possible? Like most games feel like copies of each other also mirroring the same dlc/gambling and amount of glitches.

| Does this inclue Demon Souls?

| include

| when you're working with a budget of hundreds of millions and teams of hundreds of people you're probably going to not produce something especially poignant or confrontational because a. you need to make your money back and b. it's hard to enforce a super cohesive vision across that many people. there's definitely outliers, but you already kinda know what you get from AAA games and if you're looking for something different avoid them. AA games have loads of polish and heart imo

| unfortunately games are a business and the biggest companies are going to do what makes them money not what makes the best game because that's what lets them do it again next year

| Yes OP, all AAA games are soulless. You're welcome for confirming your bias!

Jk I'm too much of a neckbeard to partake in discussions disparaging the big name capitalists. Long story short, yes, big budget games are made to maximize returns, so the "soulfulness" depends on who gets to direct the project (most of the time, that job falls to a board of committee).

| But of course it's much easier to complain about AAA studios not making the games I like in 4K, instead of just finding and playing the games I like in low poly / 2D aesthetics. That's right, I love disparaging the consumers too, because gamers are annoying.

| Games have been soulless for over 15 years.

| >>896519 YASSSS SO TRUEEEEE anything post golden axe are all corpo trash~

| >>896460 does it include dark souls? it is having literally soul in name

| >>896462
This is a good answer and I'm glad this is the first serious reply in this thread. AA/mid-budget games are a good mention too.

"Soulless" is a loaded term. If you don't like AAA games, simply don't play AAA games, op.

When did people start calling games AAA? I'm assuming it's common now be because now there's a clear sort of Alternative scene that's big and popular enough to where you ignore the latter. Did the concept of a Triple AAA game even exist back in the day? Given that teams could be small enough to be considered an indie if made now. >>896524

| >>896654
Since the late 90s or so. The first AAA game was Final Fantasy VII since it was the most expensive video game for it´s time and also had the most expensive advertisement campaign.

| Many of them do, yeah. This is a business after all, so profit will always be a priority. There are exceptions, if you know where to look. Personally I stop caring if a game is AAA or not, and instead just enjoy if it looks good, plays good, and is written well despite the budget. It's all a matter of craftsmanship, and it does not always get better by throwing more money.

| >>896524
No, it's just gaming died after the PS2/GC/Xbox.

| >>896702 personally I'm also a big fan of that era of games since that's what I played when I was a kid but I would like to point out the insane amount of shovelware that was getting churned out during that period. while there are definitely parts of the industry I like from back then, there's really no such thing as a golden age when it comes to this stuff

| Majority are. Look at the mediocrity called FF7R. It's just you moving from one corridor to another while fighting the same enemies reskinned. No soul, no freedom, no fun.

| >>896736
About time we have a shit take in this thread!

| >>896771
I mean, he's right that FF7RM is a tire fire, but there's a lot more to it than that

| >>896736 One of my biggest gripes with AAA games: forced walking sections and one-note scripted sequences (see Tifa's parkour level). They're some of the reasons FF7R is so padded.
I'm not a fan of artificially inflating playtime, it's what kills replay value and potential speedruns.

| >>896803 The worst and favorite mechanic any JRPG, AAA or indie, uses to pad for time is random encounters. I will never touch most of Final Fantasy for this very sole reason. Who the hell thought this was a good idea?

| >>896805
Random encounters do make sense in a game where it becomes a war of attrition. The first Final Fantasy actually does this pretty well (besides hitting encounters every 2 steps). You'll be hurting early on when you have enter a dungeon AND have to go back when you reach the end, and later enemies can wreck you if you aren't careful.

But most RPGs nowadays don't think about that, and random encounters wind up being time wasters that give you EXP and some pocket change.

| Most of them are, because there's no incentive to not be. Its very rare that a fresh IP meets an AAA publishers (increasingly) strict demands for profit margins. It's not enough that a game does "well," it must be "spectacular."

There's no use crying about it, though. Indie development has matured in the industry to the point where you could have libraries full of non AAA video games that are enjoyable.

| >>896736 I agree that FF7Remake is souless, but I think the "exploration" has too many unecessary things in it. They tried really hard to add different "puzzle" to please people like you that will complain because the game is just walking from one corridor to another. There's what? Tifa jumping puzzle, cloud motorcycle fight, opening way using cranes pressing button to open doors; I think some of them are just to make the gameplay longer.

| I didn't play the ogirinal FF7, but as I play, I can tell that the game just felt padded. And sure enough, after I finish it, many videos in youtube explained it for me. I think it's lame that the game has turned into one piece and no one can die anymore. Aerith will probably not die in the 2nd part if the game.

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