Games like ULTRAKILL to spend several thousand hours in

| I can't play ULTRAKILL anymore!!! It's started to feel repetitive, I need something new! Any recommendations?

| Doom or titanfall 2?

| >>c15a19 Nah, this played borh, they're too popular. Maybe something more private and/or local

| neotokyo, is free on steam

| Elona

| >>d7cbdd Never heard pf it thank you very much!
>>80ae64 I remember playing it some time before, but I deleted it fast... Gonna try it out for sure!

Thank you g/u/rls!

| Have you tried having sex for a several thousand hours?

| Did you ever check out any other games under the publisher for ultrakill? I think those are pretty good as well but havent really tried them myself

| IF you get good at some cave games, you can legit spend thousands of hours on their scoring systems. Look at the ones available on steam.

| *Cave shumps since what I said was to vauge

| Dusk
Cruelty Squad
Devil Daggers
Hyper Demon

| How did no one recommemd Amid Evil?

| Vanquish. Have fun doing cool slow-motion stunts around a bullet hell battlefield!

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