Has anyone played Celeste, it's AMAZING


| Definitely a favorite. The story and visuals were good, but the controls and level design were fucking tight. And dear fuck, the music. Lena Raine is amazing.

| It is pretty rad. The ending made me cry a lot.

| I tried Celeste but im shit at it... Probably cuz im cis

| I haven't completed chapter 9 because my old save is fucked, but it's probably one of the better platformers out there. Each chapter introduced different mechanics that kept the game fresh, and the evil double trope was very well done. I'll be honest though, while the music is really good and thematically fits the stages and scenes, it feels like it's just ambiance, so there wasn't a single track that sticks out for me.

| >>896109 yeah, that messed up my gameplay a lot because everytime I remember Madeline is trans I just shake with uncontrollable rage at how the alphabet soup mafia is invading my gamer space and I break my keyboard with my knee each time and that's how my save is corrupted :(

| chapter 9 put celeste in my top 3 games ever. I was so pleased when I did that, and then went back through the a sides to see how much better I had gotten.

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