What is worstest game ever?

| Since best game is Elona, we need find the worstest game... but what it is? and where we can find it? Is it Desert Bus? The slaughtering grounds? E.T. for Atari 2600? /v/idya needs to know! I hope that elona-chan will show up and tell us some game too, it could be revolution in communication with her.

| Elona.

| Elona

| Elona-chan, why? ;-;

| Elona

| >>895954 Because elone, also who says worstest. People say most worst.

| Elona.

... Or Superman 64.

But probably Elona.

| Can I say something like Infamous? Yeah it was popular but I hated every second of playing it

| Desert Bus VR + drunk

| Boxes that need to be ticked for Worst Game:
Bad or boring music
Bad story and characters
Bland environments
Uninspired or boring gameplay
Glitches/Unfinished game design
Poor reception both at launch 'and' years post-launch

The game needs to be unredeemable, and should only be noteworthy for how bad it is.

| Elona

| Dohna dohna

| I tried Metacritic, and relatively good adept can be FlatOut 3: Chaos & Destruction from PC.. I can say that yes it was trash..

Worstest by Metacritic is Family Party: 30 Great Games Obstacle Arcade from Wii U which i never heared from.. I have in home Wii U but i don't dare to try xd

more pieces here

| Skyrim

| GTA series, the shitiest of the shit

| Mistmare

| Bubsy 3D, when I was a little kid my family bought me it and it blew dicks.

| >>896587 like Cyberpunk 2077?

| Undertale
Among us

| Roblox

| Sonic 2006

| >>296099 same sound as "i hate kid"

| >>897407 it's fair

| >>296099 let's be honest, all those games are hated due to their fanbase

| >>897254 That's just the 2015 contrarian youtube ranter starter pack.

| Fallout New Vegas.
The factions are abjectly retarded, the karma system is a joke, and the engine? I've seen more stability out of a Californian brothel staffed solely by grannies with Parkinson's.
The only saving grace are the mods -- and even that means you have to deal with the cesspool of Nexus.

| Limbo of the Lost. Not only was it a broken incoherent mess that put important plot points on separate media like the games manual and the "optional" Bonus DVD which you had to watch in order to understand the story, but almost all of its ingame assets were ripped from popular games like like Oblivion, Silent Hill, World of Warcarft etc. As if no one would notice?

| >>897486 Who hates Terraria's fanbase? Has to be the most silent fanbase ever

| Realistically the actual worstest game in the world would be some shit none of us have heard about cause it's so worstest that people didn't even make fun of it just fully ignore.
Well, either that or this: https://kebab-studios.itch.io/johnnys-adventure

| Angry Video Game Nerd documents most of the atrocities in gaming history

| Fire Emblem Three Houses. Hideous to look at, a bloated game design mess, and made purely to appeal to weebs who don't know anything about strategy nor good political war stories. It's just a half-baked cash grab that leans on its waifu crutches.

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