Perhaps too Obsessed

| IDK. I'm femboy, and bridget helped understand that about myself. Recently bridget is trans. I wanted to find a place to try and speak on why this is hurting me, where I'm not instantly labelled transphobic. This place isn't very active but I guess at the very least can speak to some people.

| Since bridget as she became a lot of trans people had basically used her as proof that femboys don't exist, or that I'm closeted. If anyone says "egg" in this context it's good to assume they're awful people. Complete denial of my own identity. However it isn't just that, it's people who just keep silent about it. People say that those people are a minority but even with that I don't see the trans community or allies shutting down that behavior.

| So I'm kind of left with being unable to grieve a lost section of my life now turned as a weapon against me as it seems like majority of people in these circles cheer for the erasure and claim the erasure of femboys don't exist. I've admittedly been suicidally depressed about this. Thought some places I'd have more support but basically not even a denial of the circumstances but an explanation on why it hurt was banned from discussion there.

| Wait i can seem to understand who bridget is, but if you can explain more, i can help

| can't*

| I maybe shouldn't be so obsessed about it. All it has done is turn a character I loved in to a shittly written one. Like Luke from Star Wars in the sequel trilogy.
But maybe it's because I have nothing else going for me but my identity that I just feel so alone and like I'm going to have that taken from me because another group has gentrified my identity in to being something the oppose for the sake of trans communities. I feel like things will only get worse for me.

| >>895621
Bridget is a character from Guilty Gear initially she was a femboy icon. However she's become trans. Despite having several years of games about proving they can be a man and feminine. It resonated. Now the character who had to keep correcting people suddenly decided to do a 180 character and decided was a girl.

| I shouldn't be so obsessed about this, I can't help it. Maybe because it's important to who I am, or maybe it's because that aspect of me is the only good thing I have in my life right now. It feels like powerful people just want to take it away from me because someone else doesn't like it, and fighting it just gets shut down.

| And the character is used against me now, and people cheer for that erasure.

| I understand, many people have idols, or some sort of figure they base their self on... whether its their sexuality, or there career or somthin else, you dont need to continue to look at them as said idol, its ok to shy away from them. as long as you can see yourself and say, im proud that i changed its 100% ok. And to those who continue to question if femboys even exist, they do. Im not sure if i got what you were trying to say right, but im glad to help.

| >>895627
it's not them questioning our existence, it's the denial of it. "You're closeted trans" "you're an egg" "you're in denial" all things they say.
Egg being a tran's communities slur for Gender NonConforming people.

| This is my first time hearing of said slur, but when it comes to anyone calling you a slur, thats no good.. ignore them. Dont let them get to you. They got to you and it resulted in you making this thread.

| >>895630
The problem though is it's impossible to ignore them when I want to be in communities around being who I am. Especially when they're supported by social media, media and go unchallanged by lgbt groups

| Yeah maybe too obsessed. I can't do anything now. Just means it's shitty, kind of problematic writing for a character.

| Trans fem here myself, when I was a a baby teen characters like Bridget and Jun Watarase from a very niche game/anime called Happiness chipped away at my egg, through I had deep feelings about my gender since I was a kid and I never had the internet back then before anyone says I was brainwashed into it or something.

Anyway sorry for how you're feeling right now but from our point of view, trans representation is well kind of shit-

| >>895669 drip feed at best and half the time is often some minor character or bullshit that can be edited out in post to appease Chinese censors, its an uphill battle for those scraps so it was nice to see this, more so growing up playing those games and end of the day it was the creators choice to make.

Now look I respect femboys, their bros far as I'm concerned and there are tons of femboy characters out there, they won't cease to exist along-

| >>895670 with the funny gay guy trope which was where a lot of trap characters where grounded in through not a term I'm a big fan of but moving on.

But man in the 2000s the trap funny gay character was about all we really got in media and before that best we had was Poison and even that got erased in translation back in the 90s.

I just want to say you're valid and nobody can strong arm you into a role you don't want.

| It sucks that you get called slurs and denied your identity for this, op. Assholes are assholes no matter what values they claim to support.

Bridget is not you, though. If they've helped you find your identity in the past, that's fantastic. Cherish that.

Now Bridget's probably helping a lot of transpeople find *their* identities. It might seem like a loss for you, but you should move on.

| Moving on includes leaving whatever community you've got there that's full of assholes!

| >>895674
the problem is that community is called LGBT

| >>895671
>I just want to say you're valid and nobody can strong arm you into a role you don't want.
until more and more people start saying we aren't. You can already see it everywhere and a bunch of people just silent on this. How long until i'm forced to hear how femboy is a slur from outside this because some famous transinfluencer decided they don't like it. How many times will I be gentrified out of an identity.

| And it's not like these same people haven't tried to say Astolfo, Felix and anyone else who crossdresses is "actually trans" I hear it constantly.

| Companies aren't your friend and will betray your interests eventually, if you can, create the characters you want to see in media

| >>895701 People will have dumb opinions that's just well People, trans people aren't a hive mind so you will get dumb opinions from some people. The other day there was "autistic people can't consent" discourse so I know all about the stupid.

| Also femboy is a slur discourse was started by sissy sock accounts and bad faith actors.

| >>895773 SUSSY!! God damn it autocorrect

| I'm transfem. My lived experience is that femboys have internalized trans people as subhuman, and tend to be fascist or fascist-leaning anyhow - that's the only thing stopping them from identifying as trans.

I have no pity for you, and I hope they take every ounce of your "identity" and throw it to the dogs. Thanks.

| >>895785 Assuming you're not pretending to be trans in bad faith, you made a good job on proving OPs original point.

| >>895797 Yup, I know. Maybe they shouldn't have been shitheads if they didn't want a taste of their own medicine?

| >>895798
Amazing. You know nothing about me but assume I'm a shit head because of that group. But then you throw a shit fit when I mention harmful behavior people, bigots like you perpetuate.
No I'm femboy and not trans. You can't have a political position decide your gender for you anyways, that's not how it works. Would figure that'd be easily understood.
Luckily I'm not like you and know not all trans people are either. You're actually no different from JK Rowling.

| >>895798 and what happened to you to say every single femboy sees you as, as you would say, 'subhuman'?

| >>895785
Because believe me. You sound pretty fucking fascist clapping for someone else suffering because their gender identity is rejected.
Like, is there actually no introspection that is bigoted behavior from you?
Is there really no thought that goes in to the fact you basically say "only women like feminine things" that you cut out a whole minority group because a perception you made up in your head.
Like, fuck yeah I'm sad but I don't blame your ingroup for you being a bigot.

| I'm sad that the behavior isn't called out more within the trans community. Because people like you actively do harm with this. Telling people they don't know their own gender, or they're fucking fascist for their gender. Like I said that's not how gender works you don't decide what you feel right as. Did that fact not cross your mind, despite being trans. Did you actively saying a core part of the fight for trans right was wrong not register.

| Let alone the fact you basically agree with people like Rowling about societal gender norms being right. You just disagree on who is included in a group.
Only reason I can't shut the bigoted people like you out is because people give you a pass to be a bigot because you're also part of a minority group.

| >>895807 Poor baby, now you know how it feels to get called out~
You will always be a woman.

| >>895810
I'm going to call your bluff, you're not trans just someone trying to stir shit pretending to be.
Still a bigot eitherway.

| >>895785 I know plenty of femboys who are leftists, trans allies and a few who are friends of mine do this is horseshit.

Yeah reactionary femboys exist but also reactionary trans people too out there like Blare White and others

| Reeks of psyop

| >>895916
Maybe to try and get me to hate trans people as a whole. IDK, i'm not that stupid and having faced that bigoted behavior in my personal life already if I was going to do that I would have a long time ago.

| :g11_pat:

| OP, I think femboys and trans girls are currently being forced into a situation where we have to share idols in a way that's uncomfortable for everyone. and femboys are a little newer so we're on the losing end of the stick. in the end the problem is not that the characters go one way or the other, it's that popular LGBT representation is just starting to exist and there's only a very few trans and femboy characters in all of everything popular.

| but also where are you even seeing this? I am a femboy and I spend a lot of time online with other femboys and trans people and I can't remember ever encountering people being this much of an asshole about it. maybe you're just hanging out in the wrong places online?

| Anons, find God before you kill yourself. You will never be a g/u/rl, and there is no reason to continue lying to yourself, and to your surroundings.

| >>895785 >>895798 >>895810

User was banned for these posts.

| Femboys were actually trending on twitter a few days ago. There's a few tiktok cucks who have been going around with the whole "femboy is a slur" bullshit but were largely ignored until the algorithm took an account (whether troll or real, nobody knows) that was posting anti-femboy propaganda and sent it to the moon.

40,000+ tweets of femboys, transpeople, and normies shitting on the antis in what is probably the largest public display of pro-femboy behavior ever.

| But to be honest, I think this whole thing was a psysop from the start. Supposedly some in/b/reds had an OP where they trolled transkids by calling them femboys "as a slur," leading to said kids trying to "push back" against a non existent enemy. I say this because most of the tardlets pushing this garbage are literal uneducated minors who can't do a 1 minute google search.

Seems to me that, like with most things, the majority of people don't care if you identify as a femboy. As it should be.

| OP, I feel for you, but Bridget is just a fictional character at the end of the day and the devs can do whatever they like with their property. Gays and transgender people didn't really exist outside of stereotypes and parodies in media until recently- that didn't stop them from being the sexuality/gender they wanted to be. And it shouldn't stop you either.

| >>896153 thanks maid

| >>896159
Thank you, I just think I maybe needed the ability to grieve the loss.
I've had it in my personal life, along with subreddits I thought were cool about this, and twitter, tiktok and those cess pits. I wasn't surprised shitty people being there. It's the reddit I enjoyed that hurt hard.

Maybe I just needed the additional perspective as well. Can always find darkness when you look for it.

| >>896257
>Can always find darkness when you look for it.

| Identification with characters should be optional after a point and not essential. You'll just have to pick up some stoicism since you seem very dependant on what random internet people think of you, there are many people who don't get represented at all and manage to get by n thrive

Progressives that subdivide identities like this run on absurdism and will hit a wall soon.

Take pride in your boy balls or whatever femboys do.

(If they get astoflo it's time to go back church tho)

| This thread was dumb

| Anyway

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| >>896257 something like this showing up in reddit and my personal life is exactly where I would get as upset as you. I hope you it gets better for you soon.

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