Are some people physically incapable of playing fighting games?

| My friend has been really into the new Guilty Gear, and despite my experience being mostly Smash Bros and a little Mortal Kombat at the arcade, I agreed.

Here's the thing, though. Despite understanding conceptually the game, and being able to 'read' fights I'm spectating, I'm struggling to actually play. I struggle to execute even basic moves outside training, and a few characters (May) create a lot of visual clutter where I don't know where the actual attack is.

| I've been in training mode for a few hours now, and fought AI opponents, but I feel like I'm not going anywhere. In the matches I've played, I've gone so far as to resort to basic attacks exclusively out of frustration.

Is there a trick to getting better I don't know? How will I know I'm getting better, if it's possible?

| >>895511 I never played Guilty Gear.. but there is one secret.. if your friends is average.. with random button smashing you have pretty chance to win

If your friend know what he do.. than rip, you have no hope xd maybe just learn combos, trying to press them fast, use ultimates and taunts all the time and so

| Fighting games are known for being very deep and complex despite only having 2 dimensions, I personally have hundreds of hours on various fighting games yet i still suck at them, and you will suck at them for a long time too. I'd recommend not focusing too hard on winning matches and mainly trying to enjoy the learning process itself.

| I know one person.. she is really good in rts games, she play them and winning them perfectly..

And than is here me who only played "rts" phase in Spore and feel lost af xd

| Its gonna feel like you're going nowhere fast for a good while, but over time you'll build a strong base of game knowledge along side figuring out what to do with your hands as well as creating some muscle memory and reactions. Every player goes through the learning curve and every one has their own advice to get through it as well as possible so reach out and look around the internet for encouragement and help.

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Personally, watching sajam and core A gaming's guides/beginner friendly theory videos taught me the most. Its okay to start small with just hitting one move over and over for a whole match now as long as you're getting down the feel of the game and the way your character moves and responds. But keep at it and soon enough you'll be flying across the screen, dumpsters your friend with the nastiest combos the world has ever seen.

| If feel like what's keeping you back is execution, then the only solution is to actually train that in the training mode.
Back when i decided to start put an effort in fighting games (at the time it was SF4) i had trouble doing the dp motion, so i just practiced doing DPs till i could manage to get 10 in a row on each side.

| >>895509 anyone can play fighting games! it's good that you're specific about what you want to improve on, execution and move knowloedge from what it sounds like. starting out, get one combo, the most basic one you can and then go into the tower and just duke it out. you'll find out how things work through exposure. work on using your combo and other basic techniques (mashing, whiff punishing) at your own pace. dustloop is always there for frame data too. gear on, gearster!

| Sorry for dropping in with a different question, but is fighting game skill transferrable between games, do you think?

I know everyone op included are playing GG Strive, but the game's a bit too expensive to me so I'm just playing the older games I already have. I want to get Strive eventually though.

| >>895678 the basics transfer pretty often I think, especially within the same series. for instance, if you're starting with GGAC+R and then moving to strive, there will be a lot of overlap. These games are quite different (ggar is faster, has frcs, IK, and in general lower damage, gatling combo system) but a lot will still transfer (6Ps still exist, many moves exist in similar states, many system mechanics will still be there in some form)

| >>895678 also people generally consider strive to be an easier fighting game for a few reasons, dash macro, simpler combos, more lenient inputs to name a few. there will always be some adjustment between games but playing another fighting game will definitely help you when you switch

| Personally I find a good controller makes a lot of difference. I have a garbage controller that is REALLY bad for inputs, especially for Guilty Gear, so pulling off certain moves is hard, and damn near impossible to do reliably in actual play. I could probably do better with a large arcade pad, but I also can't justify that expense on a game type I'm not super into.

| Fighting games required a lot of practice and learning from failure. Fighting real players is much more rewarding but hard to learn if the opponent is too good. I suck at fighting games but I love the rush

| They don't click with me either op, but I'm also just not that interested because I'm a very movement focused player so I'm mostly just tryna schmove in melee

| >>895707 if you're playing on PC honestly consider using keyboard. I find it easier to do certain input like that. while the button layout isn't as good as a hitbox or a more professional leverless controller, it's a good poorman's version. Also I assume you're already doing this but if you're using a gamepad, use the dpad for motion inputs

| What system are you on and what controls? If its a gamepad, which one? Different ones may affect how we do inputs effectively. The new Xbox controller has been my best friend with directional inputs, the tactile feedback is much more clear to me.

| OP here, a bit of an update. I am on PC but have been using a gamepad. Practice has helped a little, but I still know I have a long way to go.

The main thing that has helped, though, has been experimenting with playing different characters. I originally picked a shoto that was supposed to be easy to learn (Ky Kiske), but I didn't enjoy the playstyle, which had more of an effect than I realized on my learning.

Moral of today is having fun makes FGs easier to learn.

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Now you get it.

| I couldn't get into FG because the local scene is dead so I literally can't get matches. If you live in NA, JP, or anywhere with big playerbase, good for you, grind hard, good luck!

| >>896823 glad you're having a good time op! playing a character you like really helps. keep at it and have fun! try not to over prepare before going into matches, I made it to celestial with 2 basic combos. have a basic close slash combo and a 2k 2d combo and you should be set. best of luck!

| There are people physically incapable of playing fighting games. OP is not one of them :3

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