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| hello! my laptop is getting up there in age but I really like him and don't plan on switching. Rocking an i5 X220 with 16gb ram. I mostly play older fighters (MBAACC, GGAC+R), VNs, and whatever was popular in the early 2000s. Any suggestions?

| >>894262 i feel confused.. 16GB is modern, a lot devices are having 16GB DDR4 these days, but is possible that it was high-end in past.. it is DDR3? DDR2?
I can find some thinkpad x220, but there exists also i3 variant.. also all i3/i5 aren't same.. i5 from 2013 is different than i5 in 2022.. also sometimes are i3 more powerful than i5, so it's like if you said that your pc have full-hd screen. it's not much help..

| from what year is your, probably laptop coming? Ideally what specs you have.. But i believe that this can calmly run Tekken 7 on mid-specs..
Are you playing older games because you like them or you are not able to play hw difficultier games? I can recommend you older games, also some obscure things.. also i can recommend you modern games with best experience best for your hw.. but is little difficult to suggest.. it would be nice if you would download cpu-z

| and tell which types of cpu, gpu and ram you have

| A first gen Intel with 16gb of ram? What are these specs lmao. What kind of laptop even had that kind of cpu?

| >>894267 op here sorry for the confusion. I am in fact using the 10+ y/o Thinkpad X220 with some aftermarket ram added to help with browsing and running multiple programs at once. I've got the i5-m2520 version with no discrete gpu

| >>894271 the heart is fickle I will use this weird shitty laptop til I die

| Morrowind

| >>894273 now i look, and by performance it is cpu relatively close to my old laptop which i used in past (i5-5200U, 840M, 2x8GB DDR3L).. So large rams probably doesn't have so much sense in this, but sure it's better than if was there 4GB.. I'm not sure how is state of your laptop.. if is so old, is theoretically possible that is inside dust and Thermal paste is dry.. Also lack of gpu like 7xx/8xx m is also little limiting sadly :c so my recommends will be probably more

| like Pentium based recomendations.. I'm not sure what you liked.. but personally i was addicted on MTA (multiplayer mod for GTA:SA) it was really funny to play roleplay in it. Source games like Portal, Half Life 2, CS:S, The Stanley Parable should have be playable.. maybe also CS:GO? But i'm not sure so much.. there i little doubt.. (make sure game runs on cpu) Garry's Mod is also funny thing.. than infinite sea of indie titles, like Terraria,The Binding of Isaac, Super Meat Boy..

| Also it can runs Minecraft probably (Win10 Edition is more optimatised) from fighter games you should have being able to play Tekken 6 (PSP Port), Skullgirls, Brawlhalla, mortal kombat 8 (maybe 9?). MMOs like Metin2, Phantasy Star Online 2 (i'm not sure if game didn't change), Visual Novel almost any, Undertale..

Theoretically you should have be able to play some games from PS3 generation, but it's a lot on edge, and probably low-mid specs.

| >>894277 thanks for the recs! it is getting up there in age so I do probably need to take it apart and redo the thermal paste and get all the gunk out of it. I'll turn the tables on you and give you a few recs back! FTL has been a mainstay for me and I've been loving it. Tales from Off Peak City vol. 1 also runs pretty well on this level of hardware. I'd also recommend world of horror and celeste if you like adventure games and platformers respectively

| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-gbPFncu1I

This is really good reference.. i'm sorry that my suggestions are more like abstract than concrete.. If you would tell me what videogames you love, or what you want to play (over that you can't) i can try find some alternative.. But i have difficult to recommending you game(s) when i don't know your taste well :c

| >>894282 I was just finding things what are friendly for hw.. i tried little to recommend you few fighting games, but personally i played only Skullgirl and Brawlhalla from them.. and also BlazBlue and Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes (from PSP) are really nice ^^ I don't play platform/action indies so much, i was just finding possibilities of hw.. but i played Off Peak and tales in beta, they was really awesome ^^

| I can may recommend Town of Salem, MINDNIGHT (game is little dead), Press X to not die, Beyond eyes, 梅雨の日/Rainy Season or he Haunted Island, a Frog Detective Game, When the Darkness comes.. I don't remember how well are running Unity games with internal gpu, but these are having nice atmosphere ^^

World of horror i didn't played yet sadly, but i have it in plans for sure xd

clean laptop from dust and replace paste is good idea ^^

| >>894287 ya got any rhythm or bullet hell recs?

| >>894291 definitely Osu! xd but you probably know it.. Super Hexagon, Tadpole Treble, Project: Bits, One Finger Death Punch, One Finger Death Punch, MUSYNX, Muse Dash

These i didn't play but i heared that are nice:
Space Channel 5: Part 2, Symphonic Rain, UNBEATABLE, Quaver, Kawaii Deathu Desu, Everhood, AVICII Invector

Maybe symphony? it is little bit combination of both but it was little strange.. i didn't enjoy it so much..

| From bullet hells... Devil Daggers is little dark and first person but unique.. xd
The Treehouse Man, Touhou Fantasia / 东方梦想曲, SUPERHOT, REVOLVER360 RE:ACTOR.. but idk so much bullet hells.. but Touhou Fantasia was really nice ^^ i plan to replay it.. also you can may like Aldynes. I wanted to try some game Supergrafx and it was fun xd

I got recomendation but didn't played these: The Void Rains Upon Her Heart, Neptunia Shooter,

| https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aldynes

| On phones, handhelds and arcades is honestly more rhythm games.. for exampe Piano Tiles 2, Project Diva series (one was on PSP also and translated), DJMAX

| is 7 AM so my brain is little dead xd

| I see you mentioned fighters. Since Melty Blood is in there, I'd recommend taking a look at the doujin fighter scene. Big Bang Beat, Arm Joe, Akatsuki Blitzkampf.

| Just go to nya and read higurashi and umineko

| >>894406 op again working through them right now :3

| Old-school RuneScape

| >>894262 first of all, you can download a SNES, Game Boy Color and Advance, i think most old personal computers should run those emulators and that open a lot of really good games for you to play, for a good rom download page without virus you have vimm.net

| for Personal Computer only games, my recommendation is open a GOG.com account and look for this games (is a legit way to buy old Computer games)

- Blade Runner (1997)

- System Shock (1994)

- The Elder Scrolls: Arena (this game is FREE!!!)

- The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall (this is also free)

- Myst (this is only on Steam)


i think this games should be pretty good for you, and your old PC probably can handle all this games without problems.

have luck and enjoy!

| Your pc is newer from mine FOR FUCKS SAKE

| >>894636 has fuckin' taste

| elona

| Deus ex the first and best one.

| Grab GZDOOM and play mods for 20 hours.

| >>894636 looking into all of these thanks for the recs! to suggest something back, I'd say digging around itch.io is always a treat a lot of stuff there for free or cheap. I always try to buy stuff from there or gog and if I really have to, I go to steam

| Take a look at some older PC rpgs. Ultima (Underworld in particular, the original first-person action rpg), Wizardry (VI and VII), Might & Magic (III, IV, V, VI, amd VII are all great), Bard's Tale. Going a little further ahead, Sacred and Divine Divinity, if you like isometric gameplay

| >>c8aeac if you haven't tried Everlasting Summer VN still, I advice you too. The best art is not even the game itself but the amount of fan content on steam

| There's a fuck ton of good Japanese games from the early 2000s on PC you could run. Just change your locale and get to fucking work!

| When my old Laptop crashed when opening chrome I played loads of OpenSource games. I mean for example OpenTTD that kind of stuff.

| >>896251
>opening chrome
Yea, don't do that shit.

| >>896175 recommend some

| >>896330
Bible Black.

| Have fun with some Doom WADS, you'll never run out of fun.

| >>896330 there's this playlist of game-play from a bunch of doujin games

| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijMuDARfIH4&list=PL6766934E75A4369C

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