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Steam Deck Survey

| Hi ^^
After 9 months of waiting i should have finally get Steam deck, it is already on the way.. i feel now unlucky that i will must write finish work in this month.. but i will definitely spend a lot time with this device.. i'm little curious how about others of you? Are you already having Deck, or still waiting? Or are you thinking about to buy it? What games are you playing on it, or are you having any unusual use of your Deck? ^^ I'm curious to hear them out, it is kind 1/2

| of device what i really looked for.. I had always weakness for handhelds, and now i will get in hands something what can change way how are videogames played in long-term, just like consoles as NES, DS or PSP.. Personally i think that i will maybe use it also for read manga, watching movies, chat and so.. If i had friend what have deck i believe that it can be nice to sit somewhere and playing games together, but who know xd but maybe i'm just overhyped xd 2/2

| My friend just got his, and loves it. It plays everything he wants it to, though it struggles a bit on VR titles.
He's in the process of loading it with emulators, the most recent of which is Dolphin for GC and Wii.

| >>892714 tell him to install slippi and play the hit game super smash brothers melee for the Nintendo GameCube online

| >>892837 (same poster as before) The dude can't even perform a hadouken consistently, no way I'm teaching him to wavedash.

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This thread is permanently archived