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The TF2Ware-like game pref is developing has a release data.

| Thoughts?

| Neat. Not quite my cup of tea, but I hope the release goes well.

| Sex minigame, when?

| >>886103
Same here but I'll buy it anyway because I want to support his career.

| How do I know this is really pref game

| truly poggie

| Gonna cover it on stream when it releases. <3

| >>886124 It got stickied. Definitely pref's game.

| looks cool, might try it out someday.

| Just take my money already!

| This game would end up ten times more popular if it added a boardgame section like in Mario Party.

| oh hell yea, a tf2ware game, im buying this

| >>886105 asking the real questions

| I feel like it might flop but it will also get a long run popularity before it dies down once a content creator make a video about the game

| >>927987 it's available now! We do weekly gaming sessions! Join us some time! ( ^.^)/

| huzzah!

| >>928106 link it

| >>929998 MicroWorks is out now!

| There's also a Discord where we hang out and play together. ( ^.^)/

| Prefer has a Twitter?

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This thread is permanently archived