| is one of the greatest pieces of literary work. you should try it sometime at readtsukihi.me!

| After I get my steam hopefully next year

| *steamdeck

| good shit. glad people are keeping this classic alive.

its also always funny seeing people who came into the Nasuverse via F:GO seeing what the Nasuverse is *really* like, in the old days. Before the dark times. Before the numerous saberfaces.

| >>886014 lmao

| All I know is that blendy13 made multiple MMD porn videos of akiha and it's pretty hot and well animated for MMD videos.

NTR warning, though.

| >>886463

For *AKIHA*!? What the fuck dude.

And here I thought everyone ignored her delicious flat chest.

| >>886502 Yea, it's pretty rare to find her featured in doujin/fanworks.

When I watch the video, I legit thought she was Shibuya Rin from idolmaster or some other character from mote popular/recent series

This MMD creator is into thighs so he pretty much doubled the size of her hips while still keeping her boobs small. Well, just check it out if you can stomach NTR, I personally not a fan of NTR but hey, well animated, with good looking model and voiced mmd videos are pretty rare.

| Would you recommend the remake or the original? From what I've seen the original seems to be better but i thought it's better to ask someone who knows more about it.

| >>886946

The original all the way. H-scenes optional.

Also, the remake doesn't have all the routes currently anyway.

| >>886950 I'm glad the original is better. I don't like Ciel's new design so i guess i don't have to stare at it now.

| That's something to think about. I was going to be waiting for the remake

| >>886951
Seems like a bunch of people love Ciel's route in the remake though. Apparently it got massively expanded, and fixed certain issues the original route had.

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