Vrchat adding EAC

| Anyone got any thoughts on this?

It fucking sucks in my opinion but y'know

| >anticheat in a literal sandbox
i'm going straight back to self-hosted second life bye bitch

| ... But why?

| I mean seriously? What constitutes cheating in VRChat?

| It's clearly a money thing, right? Like they're doing it cause the modders covered bases the game didn't

| They're malding bc everyone did all the stuff they SHOUDLVE done like 2 years ago with mods

| they're trying to kill people using mods to crash the game and tool around.

| supposedly they're integrating some of the more popular "QoL" mods into the game itself.

| Like that'll ever happen. They've been promising that they'll add QoL stuff for years and they've barely changed the game.


| I have no idea what this does, but from what you are telling it's understandable, someone can make any kind of model that cause seizures and no one verify models, so maybe this system would prevent reported skins and maps or their creators.
You can also hack into private servers chat or position in the map and knowing bullshit about vrchat I wouldn't discard this also protects the IP of a player.

| >>883298 the only problem that eac would fix in the list you gave is people teleporting / flying but depending what world your on some avis can do that anyway. Crasher avatars have nothing to do with modding the game, they still won't bother with reports, you can't hack into a private world without hacking vrchat servers themselves which I don't even think have been done before, and ip grabbing I don't think would be done with a mod I believe it's done with something third party

| And you didn't mention this but ripping is also third party so this honestly doesn't fix much, it does remove the mods you could get that were open source and protected against crashing and low framerate. You could also get mods that helped people with disabilities, though those are promised too but that doesn't mean shit because none of the people that need it can even play the game now until the update comes out.

| Does anyone know the story behind the devs, they're super hands off but and don't give a fuck but why. Small team no?

| Probably Metaverse lawyers poking holes at the "illegalities" of VRchat to take them down.

| Add anti cheat to prevent client modifications
make a subscription model that adds features that modded clients used to have

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