Steam summer sale

| What you buyin

| You

| Elona

| Probably nothing. I just bought Neon White and Fire Emblem Warriors on release, so I'll be busy for a bit.

Sales sure are tempting tho.

| Nothing because fuck Gust, those greedy nippon jews

| Picked up Summer in Mara, Neo Cad, The MISSING: J.J. Macfield, Kokoro Clover part 1&2, and Deliland

| I picked up raft because some friends did, my gf got me satisfactory and I'm thinking about getting project diva because it's on sale

| Any recommendation for game making simulation?

I've tried gamedev tycoon, software inc, and mad games tycoon. Anything else worth picking up?

| Dread Delusion and Impostor Factory

| I'm thinking about bully and flight sim.. but idk.. these sales aren't really sales honestly

| >>875168 Game Dev Story is really awesome and cute, but i played it originally on phone, idk how is pc version..

| Nothing, I buy everything on torrent.

| >>875400
Not supporting indie developers? Disgusting.

| >>875270 The one from Kairosoft? I love those games! Used to play them on my jailbroken ipod many years ago. Really cute and simplistic games.

| >>875534
I'm old school pirate, babe!

| tbh.. i pirated apk file xd but somehow i think that i will buy steam version when it will be cheaper

| >>875556 i played only this game from them, but i think that it's best "develop a videogame management" game xd

| Found a game called hyperfight, it's free so probably doesn't count but it is cute and actually a lot of fun for a unbalanced gamejam game

| Project DIVA Megamix+ and a couple other indie games I've been eyeing for a while now. Might buy Recettear too since it's pretty cheap now.

| I just got Omori and YiiK. I have plans to stream those and it's gonna be fun.

I also got OneShot because I wanna gift it to a friend. I already own that one.

| Ghostrunner, Mega Man 11, Bloodstained Ritual of the Night, Hover, Vampire Survivors, 20 Minutes Till Dawn, and Post Void are all the games I've picked up. I also bought the Quarry but it's not on sale, my roommate and I just wanted to play it together and enjoy the comedy of it. it's a blast so far!

| >>876146 probably shouldve gotten the console version of omori since its got some extra content. Hoping it comes to the pc version though

| My g/u/rls and i kinda like Heroes of Hammerwatch, emberknight and risk of rain 2

| I'm Russian so nothing

| >>877139
Is there no way for you to buy something? Now I can understand why you russians hate european capitalists.

| >>877169 if they can't it's probably because of the war

| Or can't afford it that's another option

| 20 Minutes Till Dawn just got released for early access but it's absolutely worth it, I recommend giving it a shot

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