You g/u/rls still read VNs?

| The other day, a thought crossed my mind.
Since most of us are here probably because of VA-11 Hall-A, I was wondering, do you g/u/rls like reading VNs? If yes, what is your favorite VN or series of VNs? Was VA-11 Hall-A your first? If so did you expand your horizons to other VNs?
If anyone is wondering I'm a Sci;ADV shill, and I've been trying to get around to TYPE-MOON and YU-NO.

| I read VNs all the time, finished Return to Shironagasu Island recently and enjoyed it. My favorite is Tsukihime. VA-11 is far from the first, my first was Kanon. Probably starting Reaper's Butterflies next.

| Never heard of Return to Shironagasu, looks pretty interesting! My current read is Tsukihime although I stopped reading it for a bit due to life getting busy, got around to seeing all of Arcueid's route though. I think it's going to be hard for the remaining routes to top that one, Arc is best girl!!

| I already posted this in this board before, but here's my constantly-updated list of OELVN recommendations: https://pseudomon.wordpress.com/2019/12/06/just-a-visual-novel-recommendation-list/

I don't usually enjoy Japan-made visual novels somehow (though there are some I like, like Ace Attorney or 428: Shibuya Scramble). Tried Steins;Gate and the writing really annoyed me. Thinking of picking up The House in Fata Morgana though, has any of you played that one?

| I'll be honest haven't had much experience with the more indie/western VN scene, but I like the look and premise of some of your recommended picks, also as I've stated before I like Sci;ADV and you got me curious, what made you annoyed with Steins;Gate? Usually it's the one that people gravitate the most towards. Was it the chunni protagonist?
Also havent played Fata Morgana but only heard good things about it

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It's been a while since I played Steins;Gate, but yeah the protagonist is part of why I didn't like it. Also something about how the narration just goes on and on and on without progressing. I'd prefer if the writing is snappier, I guess.

A few OELVN also does this (I'm looking at you, Katawa Shoujo), so I don't think it's just a feature of the language/translation.

| Oh my god Y;N is a fever dream, I know I read that before and forgot about it

| Katawa Shoujo best VN
All other opinions are simply wrong

| Always read post sex text

| I had the excellent idea to begin Umineko as my first true japanese VN.

It's been a year now, I'm so slow and lazy...

| >>873971 I've got a brilliant idea. Why don't you read the contents of these nuts with your mouth?

| Since I started playing them from adult VNs, I usually hate VNs because
there was no "motivating factor" but VA-11 Hall-A helped me appreciate them. Hatoful Boyfriend is pretty fun. Doki Doki literature club is suppose to be a good mind fuck

| I read them real slow, the only ones I read last year was Kara no Shoujo and Maggot baits. I haven't gotten around to any yet this year.

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I like reading 'em slow too, just so I can really absorb all of the story and little details so I can try to make predictions and discussions during my playthrough, thats one of the aspects that makes it fun for me

| Strongly recommending Yumimi Mix Remix, for the Sega Saturn. Just recently got a fan translation, it's a simple thing. Just a good ol' comedy visual novel

| Utawarerumono trilogy, Muv Luv Trilogy, and The House in Fata Morgana are probably my top favorite VNs

| -9

| >>873971
As in, in the original Japanese? That's a mood. There's a game I play in a language I'm learning too, but instead of helping me learn, I just end up not playing it.

My god, another person who'd played Y;N?? You exist???

| Read Raging Loop! It's really good and the protagonist is amazing

| >>874201
It's on my wishlist! Along with Gnosia (though Gnosia is slightly higher in the list).

| >>873945

| I'm reading Euphoria right now. I like mystery games like Danganronpa and Zero Escape so I've been enjoying it. I'm also reading the Ley-Line games.

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