| Series just had it's 20th anniversary (where they confirmed that, yes, the series is still dead), which still spurred me to continue playing through the original four games. Not the most innovative gameplay, but it's a neat and early take on the game-within-a-game genre.

Anyone else got a fondness for the .hack games, in general?

| Was thinking of getting into the series, but that also goes for a lot of other series i havnt gotten into yet, which are a lot

| I liked the original four games and the interconnected extra media stuff, like the book and anime.

Shame it went to shit after that tho.

| I played the trilogy, haven't tried the 4th one.

Couldn't get into the original anime, because it looks ugly and feels so slow. But I watched the OVA, .Hack/Quantum because my friend pretty much forced me to watch it. Surprisingly, I really like the first OVA. The character design is a throwback to the original characters and the animation is pretty good.

I don't like the 2nd and 3rd OVA as much, I think the animation quality went down.

| A lot of 2nd OVA is just mystery solving. I can't remember anything from the 3rd OVA other than firing giant lazoorz.

| The shows definitely take their time, very slow pacing. Roots was good, but kinda... whiny, I suppose? The music was top-tier. Sign is what I prefer, it felt more inspired.
But it is worth watching Roots before playing the G.U. games. Watching Sign and Liminality is also worth doing before (or even while) playing the original tetralogy. G.U. has better gameplay, but the originals have a stronger presence in my mind.
Link kinda sucked, and we haven't had any full-scale games since.

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