Tips for Bullet hells and/or other shump subgenres?


| Don't focus too much on your player sprite. Try to always look at the entire screen.

| You'd be surprised at how often you can get through tough patterns when they look impossible. When in doubt, trust your gut. It's typically better to keep moving in most situations outside of boss waves.

| >>871809 is correct, keep ypur eye on the big picture at all times. But early on, take some opportunities to gauge your hitbox, test your limits. That'll help you make judgements on what patterns you can and can't survive.

| Keyboards >>>>>>> Controllers
Also, as a general rule, try to stay at least a bit away from the bottom of the screen. You want to have space to move in all directions, if needed.

| >>871874
I've been using a keyboard,but sometimes wrists hurt after while so I alternate with a thumbstick. I know most people use dpads but it felt stiff. I think the only problem I have with is that directional inputs take a bit of finesse, otherwise I play on it about as well as I would a keyboard.
Has anyone tried using controllers that ridges in the thumb sticks?

| I always try and figure out the pattern at which the bosses / enemies move first. That way I can figure out where to dodge while still being able to deal damage.

| In dense patterns, microadjustments can be the difference between life and death. Inching your way through (even if you're only shifting side-to-side) is always better than staying perfectly still

| In real life, when it rains, try to make yourself across the other side of the road and avoid getting a single drop of rain on you. Helped me a lot.

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