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diablo:immoral is a suck game?

| what do /u/ guy think huh?

| Everyone should go replay Diablo I and II instead.

| Everyone should go roleplay Diablo I and II instead.

| Played it. It's a decent game... But it's gonna try to get you addicted to gambling, and the odds are not in your favor. If you can resist that, then go have a good free time. If not, then just play Diablo: Anything Else instead.

| Elona

| *laughs in PoE*

| All Diablo games sucks, at least Diablo I and Diablo II are too old to complain, but the sequels don't deserve that exception

| When PoE, Grim Dawn, Titan Quest, Sacred, Van Helsing... Hell, even Shining Soul are around, Immortal just isn't the one to play for a quality experience. It's alright if you've played everything else already and want something different, but it doesn't keep you interested for long.

| You mean to tell me the shitty mobile knockoff nobody wanted, obviously made to milk players through microtransactions, is bad? No way.

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This thread is permanently archived